Friday, January 25, 2008

A 90 day review leads to growth and happiness!

I have been at my new job now for over 3 months. I am really enjoying it. It is a lot of fun and fairly simple. It is challenging at times, but rarely stressful. I got my 90 day review yesterday. I was just expecting a review. Instead, I got a raise and a review. I was thinking if they give me a raise, it will be maybe a quarter. No, I got a whole dollar an hour! I feel so rich. Alann says that my first paycheck with my new rate, we should go out and celebrate, so that the next paycheck, I can just let it be, and have gotten the spending out of my blood. I think I agree. I see the Melting Pot in our future, and it looks GOOD!


Ginny said...

Good for you for celebrating. Yes, the Melting Pot is good! Have you guys ever been? Kirk and I went to the one in STL one year for our anniversary. I will say, prepare for a couple hour meal. We did the whole three courses and it took a while. Really liked it though.

Becca said...

We have been several times. It is our favorite "very special" restaurant. We did the whole meal once, the first time we went, and on subsequent trips have done just the cheese fondue and the chocolate fondue, which works just as well.