Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So, I haven't been very good about spacing out my requests at the library. Now, suddenly, I have to make a choice. The Dave Ramsey book and the Millionaire book I have been waiting on came in together. I have been waiting for Dave since November, and the Millionaire book only since the beginning of January. I can only have them both for 6 weeks total. How will I ever read both? Plus the other 2 books I am in the middle of! Too much reading, not enough time!!!

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Bowles Family said...

I'm sorry you fell, but it's lucky that no one saw. Hope you start feeling better soon. I'm so done with this freezing weather! Even if the snow would just melt and be gone for a couple days I would be happier. I guess we will both regret these word come July when its 100+ for weeks on end.