Monday, February 25, 2008

Feels Good!!

My CC: Current Account Information as of 02/25/2008
Current Balance $0.00
Available Limit $10,000.00
Payoff Amount $0.00

It feels good. I put the receipt on my fridge with the $0 balance highlighted. The girl behind the counter must have thought I was nuts, I was smiling so much as I gave her the check. Of course, when I showed Alann the receipt, he had to go and burst my bubble and say "Great, now we can work on mine." (Butthead! I am going to continue to quote you!)

It is hard to believe that we paid off (over) $10,000 in under a year (I haven't even had the card for a year yet.) Of course, most of it didn't come from my own pocket. A good chunk was paid off thanks to the car accident in Sept 06. Another good chunk went away thanks to the tax return of 07. This last grand was definitely out of my pocket, but I won't miss it. I tell you what though, I am really looking forward to August. Because hopefully, by then, that extra paycheck will be mine all mine!

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Bowles Family said...

Yay! Congrats! I'm sure it's nice to be feeling free from that! Hope your day is going great. Talk to you soon.