Monday, March 3, 2008

cc and kitty cat

So, after paying off my credit card last month, I promptly whipped it out today to make a purchase. Why on earth did I do that? Well, it is really quite simple. Ok, it isn’t simple, but it does make sense. I went through my finances this weekend and set up my (brand spanking new) ING checking account to send $150 to my credit union so that I could pay it to Alann’s credit card. (My credit union is awesome. Have I mentioned that? I can transfer money to any account, as long as I have their last name and account number. I use this feature to pay Alann’s credit card from time to time.) The next day, when going through the mail, I found a renewal notice from the DMV about my car. (It’s actually listed as Alann’s car. Ugh.) Anyway, the tags are due. Guess how much they want? $150. Coincidence? I think not. So after discussing it with Alann, we decided that legally driving a car is more important than making an extra payment to the credit card. So I am going to pay for my car registration, which can be done online, no safety or emissions or DMV line-waiting required. Now, since the money is in, or will be in, my credit union account, and I have no other way to access it other than pull it out and then deposit it with the evil bank, and then use my CC or debit card, I figured this was easier. I will charge it, and I will pay it off. Easy right? I hope so.
Alann freaked out last night when he saw the credit card on the table. I have been keeping it in the freezer. Out of wallet, out of mind. He said “Why is that not in the freezer?” with a tone of “What are you up to missy?” in his voice. I explained it to him and he calmed down. I am a responsible credit card user these days. And it will go back in the freezer after I make the registration payment.
On a completely unrelated subject, my kitty is in heat. I was hoping to avoid this entirely by getting her fixed before this happened. Now that I have learned a little more about it, I can recognize what she is doing. Basically, she won’t stop rubbing. She lays down on the carpet and “runs” along it, pulling herself along the carpet. I thought she had either lost her mind or gotten into something in the garage that made her itchy. She got a bath in case it was the itchy thing. And she has started not yowling, but definitely meowing, randomly, for no reason. She runs into an empty room and meows. Usually, she only does this if she “loses” us. We go into another room while she isn’t watching and she thinks she is all alone. I had to put her in the TV room this morning because she was keeping me up after Alann left for work. It should stop in the next day or two, I hope. Research indicates 3-7 days of craziness, followed by a week or two of normalcy, and repeat. I will get the poor thing fixed in the time of normalcy. I am really disappointed in myself that I let time drag on without getting her fixed. I have no intention of breeding her. I don’t want more kittens to deal with. And I don’t think that she deserves “a chance to be a mother” which is the whole reason she exists in the first place. I think I thought it was expensive, but when I checked the humane society website, it is only $29. What is more important? $29 or my sanity? Definitely my sanity.


Bowles Family said...

I definitely vote for sanity. Hope she chills in the next day or so. I love how we always have to explain all the credit card charges. Thanks again for hanging out with me the other night while ian was gone and before my sister had gotten here. I'm glad that I was still awake when she got here.

Sonic Death Monkey!!! said...

Better get that cat fixed. I hear they start to smell... permanently if they get too far into heat, and honestly I refuse to sleep for free on your couch if there is a smelly cat around.

Anonymous said...

it was not freaking out it was couriousity as to why something we had tried to not use again was out and about