Thursday, March 27, 2008


Here is a picture of me, holding Shannon's new baby, Davin. I am posting it for the hair cut. This is a really awful hair do/ angle to see how cute it really is sometimes (it was hot that day). It was way cute this morning, and then I went outside and it was snowing- big heavy WET snow. Needless to say, it sucked all the cute right out.
So I havent posted in a few days for a couple of reasons. 1) I just dont feel like it. I haven't felt like doing much of anything since I have gotten over the illness I had last week. Except play my Sims. Alann was kind enough to help me get my computer set up on the TV, so that I could Sim in comfort when I was dying last week, and it hasn't moved back. Which makes it totally accessible. Now if only I could find a way to make it not take 15 minutes to load (from the minute I turn on the computer until Sims is loaded and a person is chosen). That really cuts into my sim time.

2) I don't really have much to talk about.

To tide you over until this feeling passes, here is an article that Teene pointed out to me. It is about shopping carts. I think it is awesome and hilarious that they are charging the merchants for shopping cart runaway. Read the comments too. It is even funnier. We didn't live too far from a grocery store (my first real job btw) and so I know what it is like to randomly find a shopping cart in the driveway. Also, it was a pain to try to corral them, because people would take them to the end of the parking lot (in a huge strip mall) and once a day we would have to trek all the way over looking for lost sheep. The Smiths by our house here has a cart graveyard on the side of the store. It has some very sad little carts over there. They are usually in the way, so if you are trying to sneak around the back of Smiths to say, visit Home Depot, be wary.

Also, if you are at all interested, I discovered a new blog. It is A Year of Crockpotting. Seriously. She uses her crock pot every day. And not necessarily just for the main dish. She has done chicken broth, breakfast, rice, baked potatoes. Also, I think she is my long lost twin. Mom told me that the doctors thought I was twins for a while. Now I found her. (Really, the voice she writes with on her blog sounds a lot like my own voice at least in my head. I heart her. ) Since I have been using my crock more and more, and enjoying it thoroughly, I have also enjoyed her site. And I will indeed keep checking it.
Also, I made my favorite BBQ chicken recipe this morning. It's weird how much I really like the barbecue sauce that goes on this chicken. I found it in Simple and Delicious magazine. It is one of the few recipes that I have made from the magazine (too much canned product), but I love it (with my own alterations of course). It is not the least bit asian however, which is what the writer of the recipe suggests. It is in the crockpot. I am so proud. I also scrubbed, poked, oiled and foiled the last few potatoes, put them in the oven, set it to turn on at 5:00, and will come home to totally cooked dinner (and enough extra chicken to make rocking sandwiches. I rock!)

I am working on some improvments to my blog. That is why it seems "reset" or back to the original format. I got scared and didn't save the new stuff. Stupid me. I haven't had time to refix it again. Sometime later maybe.....


Ginny said...

Love, love, love the crock pot blog!! Thanks for posting. Short hair is always cute!

Teene said...

Can you send me said chicken barbecue recipe thing? I'm so bored with the stuff I normally make for dinner. Part of the issue I think is John is so picky....sigh He will so be cooking for himself when we move.