Tuesday, March 18, 2008

random stuff

So I had this really awful dream the other night. It involved Alann, me, Nicki and Tanner. We had two houses on opposite sides of a river, and they were hard to move from one to the other, but it seemed we didn’t stay in one too long. We were hiding from or fighting someone (and I think it was both). So one day I went to work, and came home to the opposite house that I left from. Alann and Nicki were there. I asked where Tanner was, and I had left him at the other house. So I get really scared and go running to the other house. By the time I get there, it has been burned to the ground and everything around it too. And it wasn’t like it looked burned, but it was absolutely bare (but grass was growing). Someone that either worked for me or with me was there. I asked where Tanner was, she told me that they killed him and left his body in the shed (the only building not gone). I start crying (I still cry to think about it) and she tells me not to worry, that I told her about this in the future and we have a plan. I start walking home, and here comes little baby Tanner (clone) running towards me. I had sent him back in time to help me because he was a key to defeating whoever it was we were fighting. That’s where it ended. Alann laughed when I said that he was the key. He said that Tanner couldn’t be the key in anything.
Have I mentioned before that I really like the new Terminator TV series? We watch it every week it is on. Last night we were talking about renting the movies (which I can only remember one scene from- the one where the terminator puts his hand blade through the milk jug and into the person who is drinking from it) and watching them, but couldn’t find them anywhere. So I am sure this influenced my dream just a bit.
On a totally different subject, one of my windshield wipers is broken. Luckily it is the passenger side. It is really rather pathetic. It tries so hard to go, but it just doesn’t make it. It seems like the forward motion is not working, but the backwards motion is working super well. Last night it was all over the place- working, not working, smacking the other one. Figures it would rain after I realize there is a problem but before I can fix it. So I called the Toyota Dealership, not that I intended to take it there if it needed service, but I figured they would know off the top of their heads what the problem was. The service tech told me to take the little cap off the bottom of the wiper arm, and tighten the nut. Sure enough, that was the problem. So now it is fixed and all good again. No more sad little wiper for me. This is seriously important because I am anal about having a clean window. I hate when it even has a little dirt on it. Makes me nervous.
Also, apparently Alann thinks I am misrepresenting him on my blog. I am sorry for this. Please note that anytime I am representing what Alann says or does, these are my interpretations of what he does. This may or may not represent what he actually thinks or why he does things. These are purely my thoughts based on his actions. Again I am sorry and would never intentionally hurt him.

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Bowles Family said...

I love your crazy dream. I love that you can remember it too. You have to tell someone about them right away or write them down as soon as you wake up or else they're gone. Dreams are so weird. Anyway, thanks again for the birthday cake and for coming to the little soiree. Hope that your dream is just that, since it would be really sad if Tanner was in a house fire. :)