Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stuff and such

I really hate when I get into a blog and then the author quits writing. It makes me nuts. And then I go and do the same thing. Problem is, right now, I dont have much to talk about.
A while ago, I found some cash in one of my boxes that I had yet ot unpack from our move. And by "some", I mean $300. It has since dwindled to about $250. This is now earmarked for Craig's wedding flights.
We are finally ready to file our tax returns. I just have to print them and sign them and mail them. I am cheap and refuse to pay for e-file. Especially since we are doing the IRS a favor by e-filing, and they charge us for it anyway. Ridiculous! I can wait a month for my money. I choose direct deposit, so I cut a few weeks off that way. And the really good news is we are getting about $2400 between Fed and State. Now can someone explain to me why the IRS withholding calculator, back when it was working, told me I would owe money and therefore should withhold at zero? I still withhold at zero. I hope to be able to recalculate that if the withholding calculator ever gets fixed. I KNOW that we withhold too much, but when I go through the W-4 form, I always come out with a zero, and yet, this is the second year in a row that we have exceeded $2k with refunds. Not that I mind getting a refund mind you, but I wouldn't mind having a little more money during the year either. Maybe we can split the difference. IRS only gets a $500 loan, and I get the other $1500 during the year. What do you says IRS?
That's all I've got today. I do have a new blog I like to read. You can find him in the links.


Christine said...

I think you don't do the calculating right?

Becca said...

Obviously I don't. But it is hard with Alann working two jobs and me working one and trying to go through all of it. And I really dont want to have to pay them at the end of the year.So I stick with 0. And so does alann.