Thursday, April 10, 2008


I stole the little picture on the right from Alann. Ok, I just used him as a referal and made my own. I think it's pretty accurate. Well, as accurate as I could make it. My Sims characters (yes, I have multiple me's and they know each other, it is kind of strange) look more like me than this, but oh well. It's kind of a fun site. You can play games to earn coins to buy more stuff. I don't know what it does beyond that though.... Oh well. It was fun to make me.
As far as why the dog leash is empty: I wanted to get a dog that looked like Tanner or Nikki, but couldn't find one, and I couldn't have two dogs, so I chose the invisible dog to stand in for both of them. I am in the "dream kitchen" landscape because well, I like cooking.

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Alann said...

it may not look exactly like you but i thik it catches your personality