Monday, April 7, 2008

Shoes- an update

I ended up buying 5 pairs of shoes on Friday. Not quite the 6 I imagined, but enough. I went to Savers, which is like a DI or Goodwill. I think their stuff is a little nicer personally. I have had luck in the past with shoes there. Of course, I won't buy anything that looks worn and I sanitize the shoes as much as possible before I wear them. I stopped at the Savers by work on my way home. I found 3 pairs of shoes there. 2 of them were the "color of the day" which meant 50% off. Then Alann decided he wanted to try Savers because his shoes met with my shoes and they all decided to stage a coup together (his shoes have holes too). So we went to the Savers by our house. When I walked in, there was a shoe rack right up front. Sitting on that rack was a brand new pair of my favorite shoes! I stole my pair from my little sister, 5-6 years ago. She didn't really like them, so I took them. They are kind of funky retro. They remind me of shoes Grandma would have worn in the fifties. They are heels, with black and brown, which makes them versatile. One of the heels had fallen off my pair, and they were sadly scuffed. I was so excited to see this pair, and they are the right size. I showed them to Alann and he said "don't you have a pair like that?" YES! Yes I do! And they will go in the trash just as soon as I put my new shoes away. I also found a pair of shoes that match almost perfectly my new Easter dress. I won't wear them with anything else, but they had the magic sticker color on them, so I think that for $2 I can afford to wear them with one outfit only. All in all, I spent $30 on 5 pairs of shoes. Nice day's work I think.
Then we went to Kohl's, where Alann bought one pair of shoes, for $30. At least they were on sale. But today, they broke. They are Skechers, so it must have been a faulty pair.


Ginny said...

Guys just don't understand!

Shannon said...

they broke! lame. oh well. I'm still so proud of your shoe bargain hunting and finding!