Thursday, May 29, 2008

Almost done!

The side yard. I tilled this all by myself!

The mostly done side yard. I need to get a picture with our lil shrubs in it. They go all along the side of the house.

The fountain almost looks good with all those weeds growing around it!

The mostly finished yard (at least until the grass grows). The rain Monday pointed out a few low spots, but no biggie.

So Tanner, what do you think of the new yard?

So there you have it. If I have time and sunlight tonight, I will take pictures of the side yard with the shrubs. And I will try to locate some pics with the old yard in it. I have some from when we first moved in. Trust me when I say that even the dirt is an improvement.

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Shannon said...

I seriously LOVE the side yard. I'm thinking tilling up the behind the house part of our yard and putting in stepping blocks might be the best/cheapest/easiest way to go in the short term. If we live here long enough then maybe lay a new sidewalk back there, but in the meantime it looks ugly! We will have to talk logistics of how you did it later. Good work you guys, your yard is going to look awesome!