Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The side yard and some garden

The side yard. It was cloudy, which is why the light quality sucks.
A close up. Aren't those shrubs cute??

Garden box one. From left to right:

column1: Peas (shelling at bottom and sugar snap at top)

Column 2: Bell peppers (you can't see the hot pepper at the bottom. It might not produce anything.)

Column 3: bell peppers at top, cherry tomato at bottom. The empty space has since been planted by a new hot pepper plant. The hot pepper and the tiny bell pepper both froze right after I planted them. I planted the new hot pepper where the bell was because the old hot pepper was bigger than the bell pepper. Make sense?

Column 4: TOMATOES! They live! The cherry is doing MUCH better than the others, but it was always bigger. I am so excited that they made it.

Box # 2, from top to bottom. (different orientation of myself when I took the picture. Just to confuse you.)
Row 1: broccoli. They are HUGE! They are shading the carrots and the beans. And they keep leaning forward. Every time I go out there, I push the stems straight and mound up more dirt, to no avail. Note to self: Broccoli likes sun, and will lean to get more (greedy buggers!).

Row 2: Carrots on the left half, green beans on the right. We only got a handful of green beans last year, but they sure were tasty. That's why I couldn't avoid planting them again.

Row 3: Onions on the right half, more green beans on the left. I took these pictures sometime over the weekend. The onions have almost doubled in size since then. Maybe I will get onions this year!

Row 4: Green onions in right corner, then two onions that somehow weathered the winter unprotected, got transplanted twice, and still insist on growing. Then radishes and beets (really small green things. Then in the left corner, swiss chard. I thought they were done for. They also froze. But look at them. They are huge!

To the right of the box you can just make out the cucumbers.

I love gardening.

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