Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy National Superhero's day!!!!

That's right, today is National Superhero's Day. I know because an email told me so.

I grow people. So what's your super power?

February, thanks for asking.

BTW, I haven't told my boss yet, so if you work with me, keep it under wraps for a bit.


Kim said...

BECCA!!! Totally awesome. Congratulations.

Ginny said...

Hooray!!! Until I read more I was so confused by your super Keep us updated!

Sonic Death Monkey!!! said...

I think you should name your kid Cobra Commander, Thundercat, Epic, or some form of Dan. Get back to me with whichever option you pick, so I know to knock them off my list of possible child names.

Karen said...

Congratulations Becca! Your very happy mom gave me the news. I know you will make a great mommy!
Karen (your mom's friend)

Shannon said...

Yay! You know I am so excited for you and Alann too. You guys are going to be great parents. Hope you are feeling better soon!
PS-I enjoyed the way you told me. Ian thought it was clever as well. :) Thanks for the formula.