Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The weekend

Not much has been going on. I had Friday off work, which was nice. I did the grocery shopping, cleaned the house, and then we had Shannon and Ian over for dinner. We didn't go see fireworks because we had big sissy dogs to deal with. This is another case where I think Nikki's neurosis rubs off on Tanner. He doesn't seem too upset about it, but if she gets upset about it, then he does too. Like the post man. And kids outside on bikes. And other dogs in the area. And people being outside when he is inside.
Saturday morning was interesting. We didn't have anything planned. Nothing. Since I already did the shopping, we were set for that. So we puttered around the house. I played in the garden a little. We finally dropped my car off for its LONG over due oil change. We washed both our cars in 12 minutes at one of those self-serve car washes. Alann changed his oil and did some minor repair work on the truck. We can't change my oil because we can't get under the car, and we can't get the car up on anything because the bumpers scrape. Darn low-rider! And at the shop I go to, it is only $24 to get an oil change, which is comparable to buying our own stuff. It was a rather pleasant day overall.
I did learn that my car's air filter is dirty, the coolant is low and the serpentine belt is cracked. Since I bought that fix-it manual a while back, I didn't tell the shop to fix it. I looked it up and it looks pretty simple. Unscrew one part, take old belt off, put new belt on. I'm going to stop and get the belt today on my way home. Who knows when we will install it, but at least I can carry it in my car in case it snaps while I'm driving. And maybe with more coolant, a clean air filter, and a new belt the air conditioning will be cooler and the gas mileage will be a little better.
Otherwise, I had a strange dream last night. Teene, Amy, Mom and me were living in Dad's house. (Dad wasn't there.) I was trying to cut a coconut in half with a weedwacker. Teene came into the living room (where I was) and started yelling at me about how I was doing it wrong and they should have never asked for my help because I always just take over everything. So I left the coconut for her to deal with and walked into the kitchen/ dining area near the sliding glass doors. Amy is standing there smoking. I tell her to go outside and get the smoke away from me and she starts coming farther in the house and keeps yelling at me that she can do what she wants. I tell her "but I don't like it!" and then Alann woke me up. I must be anxious about something. I have had a couple of dreams about fighting or being kidnapped lately.
I'm eating a plum, and I rather like plums, but I hate the skin. At least it peels easily. It is kind of like peeling a radish with your teeth. Or rather, it is like the way me and my sister used to peel radishes when we were little. I still do it, I don't know if she does. I like getting all the spicy out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of the radish. Except I don't eat the plum skin. I spit it out. Cause it's gross.

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