Friday, September 26, 2008

Ickiness and general pregnant ramblings

I think I am coming down with a bug or something. I have just been feeling funky and tired the last couple of days. Alann so kindly reminds me "well you are pregnant". I've had a hard time getting up, even though I have been sleeping like the dead. It probably has something to do with the crazy dreams I've been having. Most of them are fighting/ running/ escaping some horror dreams. The other night I dreamt that robots were taking over the world a la Terminator, and a group of people including myself decided to live in this train or train station to make sure it didn't get taken over. My dream said it was a train, but it was huge and U-shaped, so I think it was supposed to be a station, but it was mobile. Who knows.
I think I must be worried about something, but I can't think of what that is, beyond the house in Columbia not selling (buyers backed out), a few lean paychecks until WSA starts paying Alann, having to re-adjust our shopping schedule because he is paid on the opposite weeks now, though that does mean he gets 3 paychecks in Oct, even though we just got 3 in August, general "how will we ever afford a child" worries, what am I going to do workwise once we have the baby, what will I have to do to keep us in the black, the fact that I somehow maxed out my Capital One card (partly due to not being able to put a flex spending check straight to it, at least that is my story and I'm sticking to it), and all the other little worries of life. Will I get this project done in time for my meeting tonight? (Unlikely, I didn't start until yesterday because I = dumb sometimes.)
Plus I have a visit to another ward to make on Sunday, then a meeting, then I want to make sure I get back to our own ward so we can visit with a family that moved away last year. Thier precious little girl used to be in my Primary class, and she asked me about once a month when I was going to have a baby. (I think I like Holly so much because she reminds me a lot of myself- smarty-pants, know-it-all, has all the answers, goody-too (or is it two?)-shoes, overall sweet child who doesn't understand why people get mad/ ignore her answers after a while. I tried to explain once. It didn't help.) So I have an exceedingly full Sunday coming up. And Saturday I am going to return some stuff to different stores and do the registry at Target. I haven't actually run this by Alann yet. He is on a camp out, but this is for more of the boring stuff, not the big cute stuff like we did at BabiesRUs. I think everything is just coming slamming together (again! last week was rough too) and this time my defenses are already down, so I am getting something. Or it is at least throwing my body out of whack. Plus I have gained quite a bit of weight this month, more than I "should" have (and don't give me that "you're pregnant crap"), so that is getting me down a little. I'm sure all of the brownies I ate last weekend didn't help that a whole lot. But more and more people at work are saying "oh you are starting to look pregnant" so that is good. At least I don't just look chubby, even if I do feel that way. Maternity pants are all I can wear, but I can still wear my regular tops for now. Some of them anyway. And a stretchy skirt every now and then.
Speaking of sleeping, this morning after Alann left, I woke up to some warm body on my feet. I moved, and the body followed. I thought it was Nicki. It isn't unusual for her to sleep at my feet, but it was weird that she kept following. Then when I woke up, I realized it was the cat on my feet, Nicki was on Alann's pillow and Tanner was at the foot on Alann's side. I love family sleep time. It was just a little warm and crowded. The dogs start sleeping on the bed more as it gets colder. Tanner only usually climbs in bed if Alann is gone, or if he is still there, if it is really cold. Nicki has been sleeping with us the past week or so. I don't know what the cat will do. Last year she slept with us fairly often, but she was also a kitten. This year she is grown up a little. I don't know if she will wake me up this winter so that she can climb under the covers or not. I guess we will have to see. I've been running my electric heater in the mornings because it has been rather chilly. I'm hoping my tomatoes turn before frost comes. Please tomatoes, if you are reading this, NOW IS THE TIME TO RIPEN! Do not procrastinate the day of your...ripening. (Haha, LDS joke. Did you get it?)
Speaking of church. I am currently reading Isaiah. Isaiah Ch 5 vs 1 reads "Now will I sing to my wellbeloved a song of my beloved touching his vineyard. My wellbeloved hath a vineyard in a very fruitful hill". I laughed so hard when I read that. Why? Try reading the last sentence to the oscar meyer song. For some reason, that is what happened when I read it the first time, and it made me laugh. (Ok, maybe it isn't funny to anyone else, but it was funny to me.)

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