Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today is a momentous day

Today is Thursday. We haven't been grocery shopping since last Tuesday (since we were gone/ useless the weekend before). As you may or may not know, we plan two weeks worth of meals and shop every other week, when Alann gets paid. I find it easier to buy everything and not go back then to try to save some money for produce or milk for the next week. (That never works.) So today as I was foraging for breakfast, I discovered that we still had two bananas in the fridge! (Usually we keep our bananas on the counter or pot rack, because they last about 2.5 days.) But apparently I bought so many bananas that we still had some left at the "end" of the food. I have never in the almost 4 years we've been married had bananas last from one shopping trip to the other. Even when I was shopping every week. It's kind of cool. I doubt it will happen again any time in the near future because we really like bananas. That or I don't get them in the fridge soon enough and they become good for banana bread only. If they are available, I will buy the "red-band" (or overripe) bananas, since they are cheaper and I know how fast they will go. Then I will buy a bunch of green bananas that will be ripe as soon as the red-banders are gone. I think last week I got carried away and bought two green bunches and one red-band.
Speaking of food, I have been having serious citrus cravings. I am remembering last December when I bought half a case of oranges for $5.00. (It worked out to like 25 cents an orange.) And I had yummy ripe oranges everyday for a month or so. I can't wait for oranges to come back into season. I've been buying Australian oranges and tangelos, but they aren't the same. =( Plus there is that whole shipping across the ocean thing to worry about. When I grow up, I want to have several different greenhouses in which to grow specific foods. I want a "California" greenhouse that mimics CA weather, so that I can grow oranges and figs. I had a few others in mind at one point, but now I don't remember. But yes, oranges. Yummy. I bought some orange juice last trip, which I don't think I have done since I moved out of my mom's house. I love orange juice. I taught myself to love it in high school. I remember thinking that it would be good for me, so I should do it. Before then, I couldn't really stomach it. I started with the low-pulp low acid kind, and then by the time I graduated I wanted the super high-pulp kind. And always Minute Maid. Alann jokes that I like to chew my juice, which is pretty close. I love my Vita-Mix (thanks Mom!) and I love that I can put anything in it and it will make a smoothie/ juice out of it. It's awesome.
I think I must be hungry or something. I can't stop thinking about food this morning.

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