Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a morning! (Sept 3rd)

I wrote this on Weds, but somehow never posted it.

I have had the craziest morning. Everything was conspiring against my getting to work on time. First of all, the cat decided around 4:30am that she needed something. So she laid on my shoulder and purred loudly for about half an hour. I never did figure out what she needed. Then I had this crazy dream about my gas stove (we really have electric) getting backed up and catching fire in the exhaust pipe (I know that isn't how they really work.) while I was on the phone with someone who wouldn't hang up even though I said "No I have to go my house is on fire!" So I got the fire tamped out with a towel and ran outside to turn off the gas, which happened to have a nice little handle to turn (which is also not based in reality). My last thought in the dream was "well now I have to call the gas company to get it turned back on."
The dogs started jumping on me and being crazy the minute the alarm started going off. They wouldn't even let me sit up. Every time I tried, they would climb in my lap and were fighting for position for pets. Nicki kept rolling over onto Tanner's head. It was quite amusing but not conducive to my getting out of bed on time. So I finally managed to convince them that I really would let them outside and got them out of bed and out the door. Then the cat needed more love and was trying to climb my bathrobe while I was putting in my contacts. She sat in my lap quite contentedly while I said prayers (which is rare- she never sits in my lap except in the morning during prayers). By 7:20, I was in kitchen making breakfast. I decided to make eggs, since I could let them cook while I prepped dinner (and my lunch because I was lazy last night) and eat them in a tortilla while I dressed. I usually like to sit down for breakfast, but not today. I made the unfortunate decision to take my vitamins before I ate, so that I wouldn't forget. About 10 minutes later, I was in the bathroom, though there was nothing in my stomach except vitamins. It was quite awful. I finally got everything done in the kitchen around 7:40. This is about 10 minutes later than I like, but still doable to get to work on time. So I washed my hair (because it is exceedingly long and very opinionated if not washed daily) and got dressed. Then my hair wouldn't dry. It took me about twice as long to blow dry it as usual (another sign that I desperately need a haircut- when it is short enough, there is no blow drying involved). After makeup, I needed to go get the sheet off the tomatoes. It hasn't been freezing, but it has been close. The sheet keeps them toasty enough and it is easy to put on. Tanner wanted to go in the garden with me. I gave him a tomato. Then Nicki wanted one. So I gave her one, which she promptly ran off with and spit on the ground, because she doesn't like them. So I distracted her long enough for Tanner to grab it and eat it. Then we went inside. By the time I had shoes and animals put up, it was 8:15. Ok, I'll be a little late, no biggie. I really need to leave at 8:10 at the latest, and that will get me there on time. So I get out to my car and as I am getting in, the girls across the street are leaving for school. They let the puppy out of the gate. (I can't blame the puppy for running away. They use unnecessary force with her.) I watch for a minute to make sure the girls can catch the dog. It runs right next door into the open garage and I figure they have her. Then I hear one of the girls screaming and crying. Then the puppy runs back out into the street to run away. So I stop my car (I have only made it about 2 houses since then) and get out. The puppy runs right over to me and I pet her until the older girl walks over. She just wants to trust the puppy to walk with her back to the yard. Yeah, right. So I pick up the dog and carry it. (By the way, this is a Husky puppy, so weighs about 20 pounds.) She licks my face and is quite happy, but as we get closer to the yard, she starts squirming more and more. I tell the younger girl to get her school stuff, which is right inside the gate, then put the dog in and close the gate. The gate doesn't close all the way, so the puppy puts her face back out. I tell the girls to make sure they close her in well, then go back to get in the car. The older girl gets frustrated because the puppy won't get her face back in the yard, and finally kicks it. Sigh. I know they learn it at least from their mother, because I have heard/seen their mother treat the dog that way. But it just isn't right. It makes me sad. Obviously the girls love the puppy. They just don't know how to treat the poor thing. By this time I get out of the neighborhood, it's 8:23. Then there is construction on 47th. So I have to go down to 54th. After that, it is smooth sailing, and I get to work 15 minutes late. Not bad for all that I went through, but it was a really sucky morning. My throat hurts too. I am trying some Claritin to see if it makes my allergies/stuffiness better. I can't tell any difference yet. But my 5000 mosquito bites (ok, it's really 15) don't itch as bad. I hate Missouri mosquitoes.
Speaking of Missouri, the trip went well. It was a lot of fun spending time with the in-laws and some friends. We got to see the house in Columbia. They have done a lot of work on it and it looks really nice. Here's hoping it sells soon. Alann's mom took me shopping for maternity clothes. That was really nice. After we went shopping, my stomach seemed to think that it was free. There was no stopping it. It refuses to fit in all but a few of my non-maternity clothes now. Oh well. I have plenty of clothes that it will fit into. (Thanks again Debbie!) The wedding was a wedding. It was nice and I was glad we made it.
We are still debating Christmas plans. I can't decide if I want to go back or not, and how to get there, and what to do with the dogs. The easiest way is to drive with the dogs, but we know how that can go. And I probably have to work on the 23rd. I don't have much time off. So we wouldn’t be able to leave until late on the 23rd, which means a hotel in Wyoming or Nebraska if we make it that far, then getting in on the 24th if we are lucky. The train is pretty much out of the question. We can catch the 6am in Flagstaff on the 23rd, or leave out of Salt Lake, but go to Chicago and then backtrack to St Louis. Either way, we are looking at 30+ hours of travel time, in which case we might as well drive, save some money, and hope for the best. Flying is iffy- I may be too far along and the airlines won’t let me fly. I think the current decision is plan on driving but wait and see how the winter goes. If it gets sucky (like last year and snows every other day), we stay home. If after driving to Phoenix for Thanksgiving I decide no more driving, we stay home. And if the doctor tells me no travel, we stay home. Though if anyone wants to visit, let me know.

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