Thursday, October 9, 2008

Devil Cat

Alann has a theory that the evilness of Jersey is directly proportional to how long her claws are. See graph below.

I believe we have proved this theory. We have both been saying we need to cut her nails for about a week now. Last night, she apparently hit the peak of nail growth and evilness. At about 4am, I got up to go to the bathroom, then put the dogs out. About every five minutes after I laid back down, she would claw the bedspread, I would yell at her, she would claw, yell, etc etc. Finally at 430 or 445, I got up and got the towel and the clippers and cut her nails. I didn't hear anything else from her last night, and when we got up, she was back to being angel lovey kitty. I don't know if they get so long that they poke her and she goes after anything that might provide relief, or if all the devil is contained in her nails and they have to be a certain length for it to take over. And of course, she absolutely HATES having her nails cut, hence the towel. I tried it without wrapping her in the towel the first few times, and I ended up bleeding. She is sedate for about 1.5 nails being clipped, then she starts squirming. By the second paw, she is meowing and carrying on and convincing Nicki that I am killing her. Nicki comes to investigate, but only so far, because she sees the clippers, and she hates them as much as the cat does. Tanner just sits nearby, hoping I will cut his nails next. (weirdo.) I've never met an animal that is so bi-polar about grooming. Tanner will let me bathe him, but acts like it's torture. He gets upset when it is Nicki's turn though. If I get the nail clippers out and don't start with him, he comes over and puts his paw in my lap, even though I am struggling with Nicki. He doesn't mind being brushed, but he runs away while I empty it and I have to call him back. And lately, I started brushing the animals' teeth if they come bug me while I am getting ready for bed. So he has started coming into the bathroom every night, knowing I will brush his teeth, and then he fights me the whole time. But he acts hurt if I ignore him and don't brush them. Nicki knows better than to come in the bathroom, except every once in a while. The cat comes to see what is going on, and HATES the tooth brush. Crazy animals. So basically, I didn't really sleep after 4am. And I think I am getting sick. And Alann has a sore throat, but so far it doesn't look like strep. Oh, and it is supposed to snow this weekend.

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Shannon said...

Stupid cat. Crazy dogs. That's all I have to say about that.