Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Car update

So, my car is home. I wish that cars appreciated the amount of money that you put into them, because my car would be worth $500 more right now.

The good news is the oil has been changed, the belt installed, the transmission flushed, the water pump replaced, the coolant flushed and replaced, and the hitch is installed. We are ready to go for Thanksgiving. Why do I have a hitch you ask? So that we can use a cargo hauler. My car has a lot of cargo space, but not THAT much cargo space. Once we factor in babies and dogs and suitcases, we realized we would run out of room very quickly. So we bought a hitch and cargo rack. The maiden voyage will be Thanksgiving.

The bad news is my clutch is going out. Sigh. Another $600. But not right now. I can't say I am surprised. It sticks in the cold, and almost refuses to go into first gear. And reverse doesn't always catch. I took it into a transmission place for a check when I still worked at Granite and it was cold out, so it must have been shortly after I bought it. He said that without opening the tranny, he couldn't be sure, but it was probably the clutch. I'll just keep driving it until it gets worse or we have the money to replace it. Other than these issues, I haven't had any other problems or major repairs with the car. It's a good little car. I like driving it. So I won't complain too much about it. It was still a good deal when I bought it and it has all the features I wanted. So I am happy. We just need to work on beefing up our emergency fund again.

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