Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It was a somewhat crazy weekend. I went bowling with my company for Halloween, then went grocery shopping right after, then made dinner. My feet HURT after all that. But I bowled 136 and 140-something- pretty decent. Better than usual. We won't go back to that bowling alley again I don't think. They tried to charge us for 6 extra people, even after we explained what happened. They had set aside 5 lanes for us. We used 4, than about an hour in, we set up the 5th for others to rotate into if they wanted. The cashier came out and wanted us to pay for another 6 people because we had put that many names in. He never told us he wanted the lane. If we hadn't used it, it probably would have sat for the rest of the time we were there with no one using it. If he had told us not to use it, we wouldn't have. It was frustrating. We ended up paying for the extra games, not the shoes or pizza that were included in the original charge. I guess it was fair, but he could have saved us a lot of trouble if he had explained it the first time.

Saturday I did some errands, while Alann worked on the bathroom. I ran all over lots of places and spent lots of money. It wasn't as much fun as it sounds. Pets are expensive. Sheesh. I spent almost $100 on dog food, cat food, litter, toys, treats. The toys and treats were for the cat. She chews on EVERYTHING! So I tried to find some cat chew toys. They are not as interesting as the toaster, or boxes, or books, or anything else in the house. Tanner really likes the little rubber mouse. He carries that around. The cat won't have anything to do with it. This is why she doesn't have any toys. She prefers household items like straws. If you have a straw in your drink, she will stalk it until she sees an opportunity to take it. Then she bats it around, chews on it, and eventually loses it under a piece of furniture. She also likes twist ties. I am worried she will eat those, so I don't give them to her willingly. After I got back from my errands, I really don't remember what I did all day. I think I made bread. I babysat in the evening for Dav and Weston. That's always fun. The boys were good, but I am definitely a little more excited (ok, that isn't the right word, but the general connotation is the same) to make cloth diapers work after changing Dav's poopy diaper. I haven't changed many diapers, but I have never witnessed the diaper gel clinging to a bum before. That's one of the reasons I want to use cloth. I don't know that I trust all those chemicals on my baby's parts.

Alann got the bathroom 99% completed. It is painted a lovely shade and all we need to do is caulk the tub, put in the baseboard, and put the vent back up. Oh, and get the stupid sink to stop leaking. It's getting annoying now. He has pulled it out two or three times and redone it and it is still leaking. Ugh.

Sunday, I got a new calling. I haven't been released from my stake YW calling. This is in addition. Yay for multiple callings. I will be teaching Relief Society the second Sunday of the month. This is a little frightening, because in the 2 years we have been here, my patriarchal blessing has been fulfilled in part. It said I would be blessed to teach the young, the middle aged, and those who are old. I have taught primary, young women, and now Relief Society. Am I going to die? (No, not until Claire is born at least. Actually my blessing says we will welcome sonS and daughterS into our lives, so I'm not worried yet.) My next door neighbor is our RS President, and she said that the minute she knew she needed a new teacher, she had no doubt that she wanted me. I'm looking forward to it, I think. She isn't making me teach this week, so my first lesson will be in December. I want to do something different than stand in front of the class and read the lesson, because that is what the other teachers do. It bores me. I guess I will just have to look at the lesson and see what comes up.

That's about our weekend in a nutshell. Oh I almost forgot. I rescued a doggie on Saturday. I was driving on 47th and came to the intersection for Bangerter and saw a dog on the sidewalk, alone. Bangerter is a big busy highway with stop lights in case you don't know. As I passed, he walked into the crosswalk, then he started going into the intersection itself. I started crying (stupid hormones) and parked in the church parking lot on the corner. I ran into the middle of Bangerter, where the left turning traffic was honking at the dog, who just stood there. As I picked him up, he barked and yipped at me, so I just held him away from anything vital and ran back to the car. He was quite happy to ride in the car. He didn't have a collar. So I took him home and freaked Alann out. I told him the dog was out front, and he said "no, the dogs are out back." Then he came to the door and I told him the story. He was relieved. He thought in my vulnerable state I had adopted a puppy. We called the pound and I cleared out the garden while we waited for them to come get the dog. He was nice enough. Our dogs played with him a little. He was older, and needed a bath and his teeth brushed. He kept wanting to come in the house. I draw the line at strange animals in the house though. The pound finally came and got him. He wasn't chipped. Hopefully his owner finds him or he will get adopted elsewhere. The animal control officers seemed hopeful. Though I doubt they would say "oh this dog isn't going anywhere".

As for the garden, it is done. Kaput. I pulled everything. We got 10 more red tomatoes, about 5 or so blushing ones (which are ripening), and 20 greens. Anyone have any suggestions for green tomatoes? I am hoping they might turn, but I don't know. I might just can some stewed tomatoes out of the red ones and say "thank you tomato plant for your bounty" and toss the greens. Next year, I am separating the cherry tomato plant from the other plants. It totally took over!

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i always have a small activity with my lessons, it keeps the boys engaged, eats up time, helps communicate the main ideas and they enjoy it more when i teach compared to others because they know there will be some fun involved