Friday, January 16, 2009

Animal Antics

I wrote this a while ago but never posted it. Oh well. It's still funny.

The fun and games never stop around our house.

Last night, as Alann and I were kneeling and getting ready to say prayers, in comes Tanner. I hid my face in Alann's chest so that he wouldn't lick me. Instead, he snuggled his face right up next to mine, and as I was saying "Hi Wedge" he burped right in my face. It was so gross. Who taught him that disgusting habit???? He has burped in the faces of guests before, and he always seems to think that it's a compliment or something. I don't get it. (Wedge is his new nickname, since he wedges himself between Alann and I any time we are touching, especially hugging. And he gets more and more insistent and upset if we ignore him or if Alann spins me away from him without letting go. It's actually quite amusing.)

I woke up around 1 or so this morning. Only half of my body was under the covers, which isn't as big a deal as it usually would be, since I'm hot half the night anyway. But as I was trying to get up to take my midnight trip to the potty, I had some difficulties. Nicki has taken to sleeping on the foot of our bed, which is actually ok most of the time. Except that this time, she was sleeping on my feet, and was totally dead asleep. I couldn't budge her. As I'm wrestling with Nicki, I realize that the cat is sleeping half on my leg and half on my body pillow and half in the little depression between us. So I was covered in animals, which is why I had no blanket. That and Alann kept stealing it last night.

Nicki is the thinker of the bunch. She isn't dumb. She chooses not to learn tricks. But if there is something mischievous that needs figuring out, she is the one who will do it. Tanner is an opportunistic misbehaver. If the bread is on the table and he sees it and decides he wants it, he will take it. If it is out of sight, it is completely out of his mind. Nicki however, if she watches us put something "tasty" in the garbage, and it doesn't go out, chances are good she will wait until we are asleep and then dig it out. She is crafty. I wish she would use her powers for good instead of evil, but that's just the way she is. Lately, I've been locking the animals out of the bedroom after my midnight potty break. This is an ideal time to do it because the cat follows me to the front door (to try to run out), and if she is going to get feisty, it is in the wee hours of the morning. But Nicki figured this out. She used to wait until I had shut and locked the door and reset the alarm and then would accompany me to the bedroom. Lately, the second she comes in the house, she runs back to the bedroom, jumps on the bed, and pretends she doesn't hear me if I try to coax her out. What a punk.

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