Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doing good.

Everything I want to do in life now falls into two categories: things I can do while holding a baby, and things I cannot do. Typing I can do if she is sleeping or at least being quiet while being held. Things I cannot do include bake brownies, take a shower, put my contacts in, and really anything else that requires manual dexterity. Luckily, she isn't one of those that needs to be constantly held, but she was awake for a record 4 hours this morning, which totally squashed any plans for a shower (which I desperately needed and only just got). Oh well, we will settle into a routine soon enough. I didn't want to go out today, but I need to go ship some books for Alann, so we are going to the post office. We went to Target yesterday halfway successfully. She started crying while I was trying on nursing bras. And wouldn't stop. For 10 minutes. It was annoying, mostly because I always figured I would be able to stop my child from crying. Eventually she quieted down, after I pulled her out of the carseat and held her while pushing a cart for a few minutes. That's a newborn for you though. Totally irrational. The pediatrician says she looks just perfect, totally average in measurements and as long as I can keep her awake long enough to get good feedings, she should do very well. Yay. She gained an ounce between Sunday and Monday, so I felt better about her not eating as much as everyone was telling me she needed to be. K, off I go to do a few things before the post office run.
(I'm sitting in the office where the kennel is set up. Tanner was laying in there quite contentedly until the cat walked in. All she did was sit outside the kennel and look at him for a few minutes, and he got up and left. What a dumb mutt. Letting himself be pushed around by a creature 1/10th his size...)


teene said...

Glad you're doing good. Should I call or email you?

MomKAS said...

"routine"? ... get into a ROUTINE?? You must be joking! Babies (or maybe it's just our genetic line babies?) are really really good at changing the routine as soon as you figure it out. :-)
Glad to hear you're doing well. Can't wait to come up and see you and Alann and meet Claire.