Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If you don't get this one, I am sad for you. Go check out Douglas Adams.

Yes 100% with the not taking off my pajamas part. Alann was teasing me yesterday because I changed from my stretchy "dance" pants to my pajama pants for bed. Come on, I have to have some kind of change in my day. I can't sit around in my robe and pajamas all day long...Ok, well I can, but then I feel really gross after a while. So I put real clothes on at least part of the day.

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Shannon said...

I wear sweats 85% of the day, but I NEVER sleep in my sweats. I always change into pajamas before bed. Men may mock, but seriously while playing with kids, getting spit on by kids, and cleaning the house, why on earth would I wear real clothes all day. Good luck with everything today/tomorrow? :)