Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hard day

WE had a bit of a rough night last night and rough day today. Alann had class last night, and I had a church meeting, so I had to take Claire with me. She was good the whole time, but we got home after 8:30, which is when I have been trying to put her to bed. We are trying to get a better schedule established. I bathed her quickly (because she needed it) and then put her down before 9. I was quite proud of myself that I got her ready so quick. She seemed sleepy when I put her down, but then she started crying. And crying. And crying. I fed her again at 9:30 and that calmed her down a little. Then she went to bed. Kind of. She was still crying and I was cranky when Alann got home around 10. But the good news: she didn't wake up at all last night. She slept until about 7 this morning. Don't go getting excited. She isn't sleeping through the night yet. It was the same amount of time as usually elapses between her "dinner" and her midnight meal, but she ate later than usual. She usually eats for the last time around 7 or so. So this morning, I got up and fed her, and she kept spitting up. I tried burping her again and thought I got it. I put her back in her bed, and climbed back into my bed, and she was still making kind of wet burpy noises in her bassinet, but nothing too unusual. Then, she threw up. Everywhere. I saw the last of it. (Caution: this might gross you out.) It was seriously like a fountain. Why are babies such good projectile vomiters?? Anyway, her bed was soaked, she was soaked, she even got the foot of her little stuffed doggie. Alann got up and changed her and the bed and she burped a pretty big burp, and then contentedly went back to sleep. Apparently I never got the burp out that was bugging her. But I did get to sleep in a little bit after that. So that was nice. Then today has been a little off-kilter. I don't know if she is in a growing stage or what. Obviously, she grows all the time. But she was sleepy a lot. And the last few days she has been crying for more food after the kitchen is closed, if you get my drift. So I have been giving her 1-2 ounces of formula with almost every meal. It's a little frustrating not being able to provide everything she needs. It makes me feel like a bit of a failure. Oh well.
I have this really strange feeling sometimes. I really look forward to her naptimes. By the time she is ready for a nap, I am ready for her to have a nap. But then, while she is napping, I miss her and wish she was awake. It's totally conflicting.
Another frustrating thing that happened today has to do with Claire's curtains, or lack thereof. I have been planning on making curtains for her out of an old black set of sheets (with some fun stuff over it, but I haven't told Alann about that and want it to be a surprise). So today, I was all motivated and ready to get the curtains made. The curtains are the only thing stopping me from moving her into her own room. There is no way to block out the light. (That's what I keep telling myself anyway.) So I went looking for the sheet. I pulled the hall closet apart. It is now nice and organized. I went through my craft tub (which mostly holds old theater t-shirts that will some day be a quilt, when I learn how to quilt...). It's nice and neat now. I searched the garage, and even looked in the scary hall closet. This is the closet that holds all the suitcases and random crap. The random crap tends to fall on my head when I open it. So I opened it, looked in, got disgusted, and closed it again. Alann and I searched it better when he got home. Now it is a little bit neater. After all that searching, I still cannot find the stupid sheets. I did find another set of black sheets, but they are twins, and one of them is ripped right in the wrong place, so there isn't really enough good fabric. So now, I'm not really sure what I want to do. Joann is having a sale, so I could possibly get fabric for under $10, but then there is that whole I'm broke thing. This was supposed to be a "free" project. So between that, the baby throwing up everywhere, and it being rainy outside, I haven't changed out of my pajamas all day. And now, I am going to bed.


Shannon said...

Sorry you had a bummer day. It's amazing what happens when the schedule gets off. That's awesome that she slept so great for you. As for the throwing up thing. It's so gross and worrisome. You think there might be something majorly wrong, but I really think most of the time it's just their digestive system trying to figure itself out. I'm sorry you can't find the sheet. I don't think I own any black sheets. Anyway, I hope today is better.

Teene said...

Sorry you had such a bummer day! And totally weird about the sheets. I hate when stuff gets moved or misplaced and then you find way after you don't need it anymore. I haven't forgot about your cookies either btw.

MomKAS said...

Ditto to the bummer day. If it's any consolation to you, Claire's mommy also always needed some formula in addition to the main course, if you catch my drift. It doesn't mean you're inadequate - it just means you have a daughter that, like her mommy, is far hungrier than the "average" child. I always figured the extra nutrition was needed to feed those growing, above average brain cells. :-)