Monday, April 27, 2009


So, in the last year and a half or so, I have read through 3 or 4 different book series (some of which had 15 or more books in them). And, I am out. I don't know where to turn from here. Any ideas on what I should read? I like just about anything. I prefer a series so that I don't have to find ANOTHER new book to read, but will read single books as well. I like complex story lines, but I can't follow more than 3 or 4. (Like any of the Lord of the Rings books- WAY too complex for me. I can't remember who is who. I have problems watching the movies even.) Obviously, I'm not into romance novels. And I prefer a more natural or real-like plot line. (I still haven't read Harry Potter, and I don't plan on it. So don't suggest it.) Mystery and magic is ok as long as it is semi-believable. Am I being too picky?

If there are any men in the room, you may want to skip this paragraph. I HATE MY BREAST PUMP!!! We have serious issues. I don't like it. It doesn't like me. (And no, I'm not talking about Claire.) I have serious anxiety issues when I try to use it, because half the time, I get nothing. Remember when I said I felt inadequate because I couldn't give Claire everything she needed? This just plays on that feeling. And of course, it isn't as cute as Claire, so it has no redeeming qualities in my mind. It seriously makes me want to cry when I use it, which I am sure just contributes to the problem. It is so frustrating. I'm waiting to hear back from La Leche League, to see if they have any advice. Anyone else have any?

Welcome back men. Ok, so we plugged in our home phone today for the first time. I had some phone calls to make and knew they would include long hold times. We applied to get some help with our health insurance. I called them last week and somehow got the spanish line. She put me back through to the english line. I waited on hold for 30 minutes (on my cell phone) and finally hung up. Today I called back. I waited another 20 minutes, finally got someone, again in the spanish department. She helped me, probably because I started crying from frustration. We don't qualify for anything. But, if we let our COBRA insurance lapse for three months, then we can at least get chip for Claire. That's great. 3 months without insurance, with a baby. I'm not thinking that is a good idea. So we are going to try to keep our COBRA insurance going. Our next step is to talk to the Bishop. So, after I got off the phone with the "medical assistance" people (a lot of assitance they were!), we were sitting in the office while I checked over the alarm company paperwork. We want to cancel it, and it was recently bought by a new company, so this is our out. (I hope.) The phone rings. I don't even know the number. I have never given it out. Who on earth is calling me? I answer. It's some salesman. I asked where he got my number. He said they got it from the newspaper because I have a subscription. (I do? Where is my newspaper?!?) I told him not to call again and not to buy my number again. Alann thought it was hilarious. Our first phone call is a salesman. I wonder though, how long have they been trying to call? The phone has been active but not plugged in for 4 months now.

Otherwise, things are going well. Alann is sick. Claire is stuffy. I'm hoping she doesn't get sick again. She has been sleeping for almost 2 hours now, so I should go make myself lunch so she wakes up. It never fails. The instant I think about going to the bathroom or eating, she wakes up. We just keep on keeping on. And waiting for Alann to find out about grad school. At this point, the easy option is that he doesn't get in and we go live with Mom and Dad in Mo. Of course, life isn't meant to be easy. I'm trying to be grateful for the blessings and the trials. But it sure is tough. It's frustrating that even without me working, we STILL make too much. How is that possible? I don't know.


Teene said...

If you go to MO, Then what do you do with your house? I have books you can take with you. They are not a series, but there are about 20 at least. Mostly mystery. Someone gave them to me and I read them all. Now they just sit there waiting to be read by someone else. When you are done with them you can sell them or re-gift them. Now, how do I get them to you.......

Shannon said...

The qualification is ridiculous. My friend, Tara, tried to apply for the same thing and it totally screws you if you are responsible and currently have any kind of insurance regardless of if you can afford it or not. I'm sorry. That is SUCH a frustrating process. I remember going through it all when I did Medicaid with Weston. Blah.

Speaking of frustration . . . breast pumps. I honestly like my manual pump. It's simple and pretty easy to use/clean. I had trouble sometimes getting my milk to let down when pumping, especially if it hadn't been that long since I last nursed. It helped me to look at pictures of the baby while pumping or close my eyes and think about him. Kind of random, but it worked, sometimes. Sometimes it didn't and I just put it away and didn't bother with it that night. If you get any stellar tips from La Leche let me know.

Hang in there and give me a call or drop in one of these days. It's nice to have someone to talk to when you stay home with an infant. :)

Sonic Death Monkey said...

You should read the Nightwatch series. (Nightwatch, Daywatch, Twilightwatch, Lastwatch)

It's sort of a good vs. evil Harry Potter (but a bit more adult) fantasy adventure. Its a lot deeper than that, but its a lot to type.

If you're interested I can mail it to you. I told Al about it about a year ago and said I'd send it if he wanted, but he never replied. LAME-O!

Teene said...

I decided that if you bring an empty bag or empty enough bag you could fly the books home. What does Southwest charge per bag these days? If it's cheaper than mailing the books I'll pay that. Love you! P.S. You'll be fine and everything will work out.