Friday, April 17, 2009

Why can't I...

Why can't I ever finish what I start? Seriously, this is a problem I have. When I do laundry, I either leave the last load in the washer (EWWW) or I get all the stuff folded, just so that I can put a new load of laundry in the baskets, to languish for a week. I have two (Yes, two) summer tablecloths waiting to be made. When did I buy the fabric? Last year. I have about 20 fabric wipes left to complete (which by the way, easiest project EVER!), and yet, I just can't bring myself to do it. I bought fabric for 4 swaddling blankets for Claire. Again, easy project- takes about 20 minutes. I don't even have to cut them (aren't I an awesome project designer), all I have to do is serge them. I can't get the last one finished. Yes, I could say "well I've been pregnant and now I have a new baby to worry about" but this is not a new problem. Case in point- when my mom came to visit, they brought me some stuff I had left at their house. Included in the package- all the yarn and pattern needed to crochet an afghan. A really awesome afghan. How far did I get? About one square. I moved out of my mom's house almost 6 years ago people. (And Alann will remind me about his blanket. Yes, the yellow one that is sitting at my feet right now. The one that used to have yarn holding it together. Until they started breaking. So I started pulling them. Then Tanner learned how to do it too (which I thought was hilarious. Have I mentioned I also taught him how to burp...). So I told him I would fix it. Um, 4 years ago...)
And now, instead of finishing any of these projects, I have a NEW project in mind. I am toying with the idea of trying to sell baby items. I can make quite a few now- blankets, slings, diapers, wipes. The new project to add to the list: a little pouch that can either go in your diaper bag or take it separately. It carries the diapers and wipes you need, plus a few special bonuses that I am keeping to myself just in case I ever actually get around to manufacturing this. There are similar products on the market, which honestly gave me the idea, but mine would be different and unique. And then, when I was in the shower the other day and Claire started screaming her head off in the crib, I thought "we really need a mobile. Hey, I bet I could MAKE a mobile." Just add it to the list. Some day soon, I will desperately need the diapers that I am putting off making. I dread that day. I should go sew some diapers now.

Update: I wrote this post yesterday. Since then, I have completed the wipes and blankets. The curtains are 90% finished. Yay.

In other news, Claire is sleeping through the night. Yay! I figured out the trick. Feed her right before bed, unless she ate less than an hour ago. (I don't feed her to make her sleep. I don't want to encourage that habit.) So now she sleeps from somewhere between 8 and 9 pm until somewhere between 5 and 7 am. Now if I could just put myself to bed so early. But really, I like to relax when I am babyless. It gives me a chance to be free! No really, it just makes me feel better, not having to worry about what she is doing and how long it will be before she wakes up. So I can be a bum and read blogs, or watch tv, or heaven forbid, read a book I am interested in. We have been reading some Dr Seuss from the library, which she enjoys, but I prefer a more logical storyline. =)


MomKAS said...

"Why can't I ever finish what I start?"
It must be hereditary. ;-}

Shannon said...

I almost always have things on my list that never get done. It sounds like you got a lot accomplished today though, so that's good. Also, I am jealous that Claire is being such a good sleeper for you. Dav is still such a little poop waking up in the night. Oh well. I think you should definitely sell your stuff online. You can do Etsy or Ebay or whatever.

Teene said...

I only see one flaw in your idea to sell baby stuff. It is the title to this blog.... :) Seriously, it HAS to be hereditary. I'm still reading a book about my new camera. I think I've had it from the library for a few months now. As for laundry - that's just a never ending task period. Now that Claire is on a schedule you HAVE to put yourself on one to get your stuff done that you want to. It sounds weird I know, but you'll have to budget your time for specific projects for certain times of the day, mabye on different days. You plan everything else (like me) why not this?? :)