Wednesday, June 10, 2009

baby and thrift stores

So, ever since we moved here, I've been meaning to go to this thrift store by our house. I don't know why independent thrift stores intimidate me so much. I love shopping at Savers and the DI or Goodwill. (Savers usually has better stuff though.) But I've never been in an independent shop. So yesterday, I decided as part of our errands, I was going to go to this thrift store by our house. I'm looking for cheap ways to make the quiet book (see sidebar) and thought maybe the thrift store would be my friend. I got there, and the sign was gone. I know I saw the sign for it last week. I drove past the strip mall, and there was no sign that a thrift store had ever even been there! It was so frustrating. So I went to Savers and SCORE! I found two sleep sacks for about $5 total. And not a minute too soon. Claire woke herself up this morning at 2 because she had rolled out of her covers, and then decided she was hungry. I'm still going to make a few more, because I have the fabric, but the two I found are awesome. One is a heavier quilted material, and the other is lightweight. The lightweight one has a slot in it so you can pass the car seat buckle through it if you need to.
Speaking of Claire, her sleep schedule is so screwy right now, it's frustrating. She hasn't slept through the night (meaning 8pm to 7am) in almost a week. She either wakes up between 2 and 5 and wants to eat, or wakes up around 6 and won't go back to bed, even after eating. Sunday night she woke up 3 times. I don't know what her deal is. Maybe she is growing. We have our 4 month checkup tomorrow, so maybe the pediatrician has some advice. I don't go in her room right away, because she cries in her sleep sometimes. So I wait to see what she is doing. Then when it becomes obvious, I go in there and try to get her back down. I am so sleepy! What happened to my awesome baby that slept through the night? I want her back.
Otherwise, she is learning so much! She learned how to blow raspberries over memorial day weekend, and blew them ALL weekend long. Then, when we got back, she stopped. She hasn't done it at all until yesterday, when she started blowing raspberries at the duckies in her jumpy. She laughs all the time, being tickled or not. And she is trying to sit up on her own. She has a pretty good ability to stay sitting once I sit her up, but she can't be left alone without props. She does however roll all over the place. She hasn't quite figured out how to consistently roll from her back to her belly, or vice versa, but she can move quite a bit on her back. She still desperately wants to crawl. She tries valiantly.
Anyway, I need to go shower before her nap is over.


DebSev said...

It looks like her quiet book is made out of fabric and that was too floppy for me. Alann's quiet book was make with the heavy duty pelon interfacing. It seems to have stood the test of time. I still have patterns from when I was making quiet books - it you want a copy of them, I'll dig them out for you.

DebSev said...

I love baby raspberries - they are too cute!!!!