Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The rain

The rain has been especially kind to my garden. Thanks to the cool weather and the rain, I had a lot of harvesting to do today. I gathered 4 heads of broccoli, the earliest harvest yet I believe. It slows down when it gets warm. I also gathered about 15 pea pods. I always forget how much I like peas, until I eat them fresh in the garden. Then I am sad that I didn't plant more. I also thinned my carrots, so I have some real baby carrots to eat. They are tasty. I pulled the last of my radishes as well. I wish I could plant more, but it will probably be too hot for them. And then, I stood in an ant nest. Ugh. I hate ants. They attack our house every year. The only bugs I hate more are earwigs. I found one in my mail the other day. (shudder) Gross. I squished it. Luckily, I didn't want that Geico ad anyway. So I now have some lovely ant bites on my feet and hands. I hate ants because I am allergic to them. It's like MO mosquitoes, the bites swell up and get all gross. The rain has also been kind to the pests. I turned my composter today and found a colony of about 10 snails living on it. (that's where the ant nest was.) Yesterday, I took that lonely tomato plant to a neighbor, and on the way found both a baby snail and a baby slug on it. Ugh. So I spread some bait for them. I forget how, but somehow snails and earwigs are related. One of them feeds on the other one, so when I control one, I control the other. Also, there are some strange orange-yellow eggs near my pea plants. Research indicates they could be cabbage butterflies or potato beetles. Either way, I don't want them. I need to go back out and squish. I didn't want to squish right away in case it was something helpful. But I'm pretty sure it isn't.

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MomKAS said...

Good thing you did your research. I still feel absolutely HORRIBLE that I killed two dragonfly babies because I didn't recognize them for what they were. (Those things are downright scary when they are in the "living in the pond" stage of their lives!)