Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love my baby

Sometimes it is hard to remember that. Especially at 2 in the morning. She has started waking up, again. I think she has been getting cold. It has started cooling off a little. Yay. I hadn't realized until last night how cool her room was. So I put her in the sleep sack and she went back to sleep after she ate. (once she is awake, she wants to eat unfortunately.) I'm hoping that the sleep sack will help her sleep again. The other thing that wakes her up is when she gets her arms caught in the crib slats, but Grandma took care of that and bought her a good bumper. (It's mesh so air goes through it, important with an all over sleeper.) Hopefully it will contain the binky a little bit too! She has been either up really early or up in the middle of the night for about a week now, and it is making me super exhausted. We are also working on a better nap schedule. I'm hoping for two good lengths a day. I'm planning (with wiggle room) for 9-11 and 2-4. those are the times she is most likely to be asleep anyway. The nights she hasn't been sleeping well, she also hasn't been napping well. She has been taking maybe 3 45 minute naps and then waking up. So here's hoping. Otherwise, here are some new pics. I am so excited for her to turn 6 months in August, so we can move on to more foods. I can tell she is ready. She is always trying to take food off my plate. Anytime I walk by her with food, she opens her mouth. But the Dr said only cereal until 6 months. So I am waiting.

"all done and clean after a meal!"

She even cleans out her mouth for me. Silly kid.

Daddy feeding her.

Baby and Daddy

No, she wasn't feeding herself. I gave her an extra spoon because she kept grabbing the one I was using. But she loved it.

Some days she barely makes a mess because she is SO hungry. Other days she wears the cereal in her hair.

And her nose.

And all over. But she loves it.

Hey look Teene. I thought of you when I bought this.

What is up with that crazy smile?

Bath time!!

She loves to grab the bubbles in the bath. When we went to the swimming pool, that was all she did- grab at the bubbles. She also loves to play with the rubber ducky. This is our current bath time setup. She is too heavy and slippery for me to shower easily with her anymore. (though the other day I let her sit on the floor of the tub while I showered, then washed her, and that worked out pretty good.) And our tub has high sides, so bending over it is difficult. So this works. She can still lay down in it so I can wash her legs and such.

She is also really really good at sitting up now. She still falls over once in a while, but she doesn't need to be propped or anything. This morning she rolled from her tummy to her back. I'm hoping we practice this skill so she quits waking me up because she is stuck on her tummy. She made some definite forward progress on the crawling yesterday, but then went backwards three times as far. She is getting it, slowly but surely. She is also starting to try to pull herself up. It's definitely about time to get some baby gates.

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Shannon said...

I love all the messy eating pictures. She is such a cutie! I am excited for you to be able to start feeding her more foods too. It makes them happy and I believe sleep better too. Good luck with getting the new nap schedule in place. Let's do the pool again soon.