Thursday, October 8, 2009

A lot and a little

I feel like nothing has happened, and I feel incredibly busy at the same time. I get to the end of the day and think "Is it bedtime already? Where did the day go? What did I do?" I think it's been mostly because Claire hasn't been sleeping through the night, so I am up and groggy the next day, so I nap when I can. I'm just frustrated because I feel like I am getting nothing done. I need to just do more while the girls are awake I guess. Honestly, when I have more than just Claire, I won't just clean the house when she is sleeping, so I should put that into practice now. Jocee is calling me. Weird. She never calls from her nap. Off I go.


Teene said...

I have those days. And I go to work 5 days a week. And sometimes feel like I have done utterly nothing at the end of the day. Maybe it's the change in the seasons? Can't hardly wait to see you on Saturday!!!

Shannon said...

I feel like I don't do anything ever. And even if I do do something it's immediately forgotten, so I never get that feeling of "ahh I'm done for the day." Such is the life of a SAHM. Awesome, huh?