Friday, November 6, 2009

Bad shopper

I'm usually a very thorough researcher when it comes to shopping. I look carefully at reviews and products and prices and check several stores before I make a major purchase (anything over $30 or so). Yesterday, I was finally fed up with our baby monitors. As we were going to bed the night before, the one in the bedroom started making noises. So I turned it off and back on. It was still making noises. So I unplugged it. BIG MISTAKE! See, the plug-in part broke a while back, and I took it apart and put the piece back where it belonged. When I unplugged it, it moved back to where I couldn't get the plug in. So I had to go get the other monitor from the living room. I didn't dare unplug that one, so I had to drag the whole cord in and replug it and it was just a hassle when all I wanted was to go to sleep. So yesterday I said "enough is enough. We are getting new ones." So I got on BabiesRUs and did some research. I like their site because I know I will get baby related items and they have reviews. So I looked at monitors and picked one I liked. Then I decided since I was going out anyway I should get Claire's noise machine that I have been meaning to pick up anyway. So I looked and they didn't have any that I could find. So I looked at Target and Walmart and found one or two at Target. So I ended up going to BRU to get the monitor and Target to get the noise machine. Well, when I was at Target, I saw the same exact monitor for ten dollars less than what I paid at BRU. I debated- should I buy another and return the first? I don't know. I'm still on the fence. Given my experience with my last baby monitor, I bought the 15 month protection plan on this one, which was part of the cost difference. I wouldn't get that with Target. So I bought the sound machine and left. Then later Shannon mentioned that she got hers at Bed Bath and Beyond. I didn't even think to look there. She said her's were closer to $20. I paid $40. So I just feel like I was a complete failure at shopping yesterday. I got what I needed yes, but I think I paid too much. So we will go to BB&B sometime this weekend and see what they've got and probably return this one to Target.

Claire and I didn't sleep great last night. Claire went to bed early. She was so tired. She went down at 7:15 without a single fuss. Then, she woke up at about 10:45 as we were going to bed. I fed her, changed her diaper, and rocked her, and she just refused to go back to sleep. She laid in her bed and babbled to herself until at least midnight. I finally shut off the monitor at midnight so that I could get some sleep. And like clockwork she was up at 4 and 7 this morning. Luckily, she just whimpered a few times at 4 and went back to sleep, but it still woke me up. Now she is in her crib babbling to herself again and refusing to nap. Crazy child. I think the garbage truck making it's rounds is keeping her up this time. And yes, I have the noise maker going.

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Shannon said...

Sigh. I hate finding out I didn't get the best deal. I'm sorry. At least you can return stuff. I say keep the monitor with the protection plan. That's worth the extra $10 I think. As for the noise machine $40 is pretty high. I'm in the same boat with the portable dvd player issue. I really just want to buy one for our trip next week, but I know they will be so much cheaper on sale the day after Thanksgiving, so I want to wait. So, ya, is it ok if we borrow yours for our trip? Also, feel free to stop by and get a BB&B coupon before you go there.