Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some more cute Claire

Just a quick update. Claire has learned to clap recently. She doesn't know when to do it, she just does it randomly- while eating, while playing, sitting in her crib. It's way cute. She expects me to clap for her when she puts the balls back in her popper toy. She looks at me expectantly every time she does it.
She has also started dancing a little bit. Mostly she just bends her knees a little bit but you can tell she is doing it because there is music on. It makes me laugh.
Any time Alann gives Claire his phone, he makes it play music for her. She loves it. He found an old phone of his and charged it up and gave it to her last week. She looked at it for a minute, looked at him, looked at it, and handed it back to him. He laughed and asked her if she wanted it to play music. He turned on the ringtones and gave it back to her and she laughed and started dancing. She loves that phone. It makes her lay somewhat still for diaper changes.
She also hates "foot prisons". That's what Alann says she calls them. Obviously, it's shoes. She cries for about 5 minutes and tries desperately to take them off. And it's not like they don't fit her. I've checked. She is just a silly girl. After a bit she stops crying and will tolerate them, but if she isn't actively engaged in something, she just stares at her feet, and reaches to them, and whimpers a little bit. I'm trying to remember to put them on her for a little bit each day. If she wants to walk, she needs to start wearing them, at least while we are out of the house.
She has also started eating meat and a little bit of cheese and wheat. She loves pasta. And bread. She will eat an entire slice of bread. She hasn't had any bad reactions that I've seen. And boy, I was right when I said it would make life a little easier. She still gets her fruits and veggies, but I like giving her some bread and letting her go to town on that instead of always cheerios or chex.
That's about all I can think of that is going on in her world. I am trying to remember to take more pictures. I don't seem to have any from the whole month of September.

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