Friday, December 11, 2009

Claire loves...

to play with cars and things with wheels. All the "baby development" stuff I have read says that A) she isn't old enough to be playing with them yet and B) she should prefer dolls to cars. I don't really care if she plays with cars instead of dolls. Her mama played with cars too and she turned out fine. She sees one of her cars and she goes after it and pushes it around the floor. It's just funny.

Daddy. The other night she sat on the couch with us and just laughed and laughed at Daddy. She kept trying to reach in his mouth but he wouldn't let her and she just thought it was so funny. She loves to play with him and runs after him if he leaves the room.

her plastic tools. She has this set of plastic tools- a wrench, a manual drill, a saw. She loves them. She gets them out as soon as we come in the office and brings them to you. She giggles when you saw on her and gets sad when it is time to clean up. The saw is actually in the kitchen right now because she carried it all the way out there.

to touch my computer. It makes me crazy. Anytime I am using it, she comes over and starts grabbing the mouse, and if I take the mouse away, she hangs on the keyboard tray and tries to touch the keyboard. If that fails she tries to pull out the printer cord.

to help. With anything. I was wrapping presents the other day and she unwound an entire spool of ribbon, but at least it kept her away from the wrapping paper. Then I was packing a box and she was helping me do that too. She packed the remote control and other things she found on the couch and table. I think I got most of it out.

mouth kisses. She thinks they are so funny. She laughs and laughs when we try to kiss her on the mouth. The other day during our family prayer, I was saying it and holding her at the same time. Right at the end of the prayer (luckily), she gave me a huge mouth kiss. Except her mouth was wide open and I was talking. It was the funniest thing. It was good it was the end of the prayer, because we were both laughing so hard. She just looked at us like "what?"

the puppies and kitty. She just LOVES animals. She gets so excited when she sees the dogs or the kitty. She is pretty good about not chasing them, and they are pretty good about not telling her off, so it works out. But she screams and kicks her legs (if I am holding her) when she sees them. It's way cute.


Teene said...

I think Claire loves her mommy too

Shannon said...

SUCH a fun age. I think it's awesome that she likes to play with cars. They are pretty cool.