Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bathroom update

The bathroom has come quite a far way. Alann has been working hard on it, and hasn't required any work of me. Yay. So far, the shelves are all built, installed, and painted. The walls are repaired and painted. The ceiling even got a fresh coat of paint. Next stop: floor. We've got all the old nasty floor out, we just need to lay the new tile. Then we can reinstall the vanity and toilet. OR maybe it is the other way around. I don't really know which order Alann will do it in. Either way, I should have a beautiful new bathroom shortly. Then I can clean the office. And put away the christmas wrapping paper.

In Claire news- Claire has an ear infection. I've learned that if your mommy sense says something isn't right with your child, you should listen to it. Phone calls are free, and that is all it took for the nurse to tell me that Claire probably had an ear infection. I know some ear infections aren't bacterial and can go away on their own, but this one was just getting worse. So I took her to the doctor and sure enough, right ear is infected. We both got a good night's sleep last night and she is a little more sprightly this morning. She doesn't really tend to get upset when sick, but she wasn't sleeping very good at all. And was very fussy. And yesterday didn't eat much. So it is good to know she will be on the mend now.

In baby news- I don't know that I have shared this yet publicly, but we do have a name, should the boy really be born a boy. If he is born a girl, then we might argue a bit. But the boy will be named Mark Alexander, and will go by Alex. He is becoming more active. He is also giving me awful heartburn lately. The last three nights in a row have been pretty terrible. Last night I finally got some liquid antacid, since milk and tums weren't working. That did help. It was slow, but relief did come. (I'm sure the salsa I ate at dinner didn't help the situation.) I really can't say I am very excited about this pregnancy. I feel very uncomfortable already. I feel like I am more uncomfortable now than I was with Claire at this point, and he is measuring small and she always measured large. So I am a bit concerned about the latter end of the pregnancy and what that will do to me. The hand numbness is starting in. It isn't constant yet, but if I do something for a prolonged period of time, my wrists start aching. Typing, sewing, dishwashing, baking cookies. All of these things have started the aches. I'm not too excited about that. But otherwise all is well.

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Shannon said...

Hooray for all the progress on the new bathroom! That's exciting. Weston used to get ear infections every 6 weeks or so and I always knew even though he never had a fever or pulled on his ears. Mom's just know. Glad that she's starting to feel better. As for pregnancy. I'm sorry you're already not feeling great. That's no fun, but really I know very few people who would really categorize pregnancy as "fun." Hang in there. I can't wait for you to have a boy! So fun!