Saturday, February 6, 2010

My new awesome bathroom

Can I just say, I love that guy?? He's the bestest. I appreciate all the hard work he has done in my tiny little bathroom.

Here is a more flattering picture with the little helper. We will get to more pics of her "helping" in another post.

Now, I totally forgot to take real before shots. These are after some work has already started, but not too much. Mostly just shelving was built. I may actually have a few befores on my external hard drive, but that is asking WAY too much of my computer right now.

Toilet- notice the lovely brown caulk. Go ahead, ask why that is there. Oh, you want to know? Because the toilet is GLUED to the floor. Yes, please laugh now.

The ugly floor. That is also what remained of my bathroom rug. It recently started disintegrating. It is not in the finished bathroom. I need a new rug. Love that green and black.

Standard towel bar. Alann actually had to put it up when we moved in, or got a new one in the other bathroom. Either way, the bathroom had no towel bar when we moved in.

The shelves in mid build. This used to be a "closet" as in, it had a closet rod and an empty space. We thought shelves would be more useful.

Ah, much better. This is after they were painted. I loves them already.

Some of the nasty paint and mystery goo underneath the paneling. We think this is glue, but this is the only spot the paneling was glued in.

See all that white stuff? Plaster repair. Two gallons worth. The plaster was very damaged, especially behind the toilet. But Alann, he's a trooper. He fixed all the holes.

Oo now some afters. This is my completed shelving unit. I am still working on rearranging the stuff and collecting items for all the shelves. So far I have all the medicines in here, and all the extra products. We are also going to store some of our excess bedding in here so we can free some space in the hall closet. Which I need to take a before pic of. BRB. K. Done. Anyway, since this bathroom has no shower and ergo not a lot of humidity, I can store linens and such in there without worry.

The bottom of the shelves and the toilet and the new floor. Oo pretty. See where the toilet paper is? (OR was, it now lives under the sink, so that it doesn't live wherever Claire wants it to live.) Claire thinks that is a little standy place for her. She loves to go in there and stand there. I don't know why. Probably because it is just her height.

Bathroom and vanity. This vanity used to live in the big bathroom, and I had the world's tiniest vanity in my bathroom. Seriously. It was the size of a mixing bowl. This is much nicer.

Mirror before.

Mirror during.

Gorgeous new mirror after. Yes, I realize I am wearing the same shirt. I promise I wear other clothes. And this wasn't the same day. Just coincidence. I also love the new towel bars. Really, the bathroom is rather nice. It's clean and fresh and was just what the doctor ordered. Now if only the office matched it. Maybe some day. I do need a few things- a toothbrush holder, rug, and trash can (mine was a casualty) would be nice. But they are not anything dire. I guess. The rug would be really nice. Though honestly, I have two in the laundry room right now that I am not using, so I should use one of those. The bathroom ended up being kind of pink, but I like it. If the office were white, it would go better.
I go back and forth about the office. Part of me wants to rip out all the darn paneling and just go for it. Another part of me says there could be something really scary under there and I should just paint the paneling. But the paneling is awful. I think I have mentioned it before. It is buckling off the walls in places, and painting it would really be like trying to polish a turd, and you just can't do that (to borrow one of my TD's favorite sayings). (Though I did recently learn that there is a semi-precious stone that they have determined comes from dinosaur turds, so in effect, you can polish a turd. Just a really really really old one. But I digress.) I don't know that we can handle another major project, financially or time-wise. We are meeting with our real estate agent next week to get his advice. If he thinks we should go for it, we probably will. We are also wondering if we should just move our bedroom in here. We have to paint our bedroom too, so maybe we will. I'm really ready to start staging. I'm excited to get some of the stuff packed and out of the way. We want to clear out a lot of the excess furniture and clutter. I like to think I don't have clutter, that everything I own is useful, but that's a lie. At least most of the time. I'm looking forward to getting our house as nice as possible so that it can sell. We are hoping and praying for a good return, even in the down market. Though one of Alann's friends says that houses under $200k are still doing pretty good. We will see.

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Wonderful job on the bathroom. Kudos!