Monday, February 1, 2010

Time to move the crib

A really funny thing happened last night. It was hilarious and we didn't know what to do. I left at 7 for a YW activity I had to be at. Alann told me that Claire went to bed around 7:45, but she hadn't really eaten much. So when she started crying at 8:30, we figured she was hungry. We have gotten into a really bad habit of putting her in her crib with her cup, but really, that is one of the few places that she actually focuses and just eats. So that's what we did, and left the door cracked so we could get the cup back and put her back to bed. About 10 minutes later, the cat pushes the door a little bit and goes in her room. Not a minute later, we see this little hand reach out and slowly start opening the door. She is just grinning at us and we were laughing at her because it was just so cute. It took a few minutes for us all to calm down and quit laughing. I went in and held her while she finished eating and then she went to bed for good. I think we need to move the crib away from the door. Anytime we go in there, if we leave the door open at all, all she wants to do is play with it, and won't let us dress her or whatever it is we want from her. And it won't be long before she can reach the light switch, and that will be disastrous.

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Teene said...

:) That is pretty funny and I would have laughed too.