Monday, March 22, 2010

What's your natural hair color?

I promise I'm not blonde. Sometimes I just act that way.
Alann came over to me last night and said "either the fan in the office just broke, or the switch did." I went back there, and sure enough, the switch seemed weird. It is possibly an original to the house. It is old and doesn't always work the first time. I figured it finally gave up on life. So today, we went to Home Depot and I got a switch, and some of the other stuff I would be needing for upcoming electrical repairs/ improvements. I bought two other switches for the laundry room, because they are also both extremely old and gross. I also bought some "jumbo" size plates for the kitchen. I came home and turned off the computers, switched off the breaker, and replaced the switch. I turned on the breaker, and then tested the switch. Nothing. Um, what? So I tried another lamp, and it came on, proving that I had power. So I turned on the fan part. Sure enough it works. That's right folks, I replaced a switch instead of a light bulb, thus proving once again the power of suggestion. I never even thought to see if the fan worked before I replaced the switch. I'm not upset about it. Like I said, this switch didn't work that great anyway, and it was on my list. Plus this week we are supposed to be improving the office anyway, so I guess I just got a jump on it. I just had to laugh at myself for not even thinking about the bulb. This light bulb goes out WAY too often. It makes me crazy. And it isn't easy to replace either. It requires actually unscrewing screws, instead of little knobs that you can turn with your hand.

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MommaKAS said...

Oh, how I feel your pain!!!