Saturday, May 1, 2010

The final countdown

It's the final countdown of so many things here at our house. The excitement is palpable. Alann technically graduates in a few weeks. He still has 2 summer classes to take, but if he had chosen, he could have walked in the May 8th graduation ceremony. He decided he didn't want to walk. He just has a few finals left to take for this semester and then he will hopefully be home more. At least for a while. He mentioned something about a two-week break before his next classes start. I'm assuming we will be finishing up the house during that break. That's another thing we are counting down for. There is still a ton of work to be done, but most of the major projects are almost done. Then we can list the house. I'm a little nervous about it. Okay, a lot nervous about it. I know it needs to be listed before we can actually sell it (unless someone who knows me wants to buy it...anyone??). But I am slightly worried about having a brand new baby, trying to keep the house picked up and clean with a one year old and the dogs, and possibly having to move before Alann is done with school. I'm sure it will all work out the best way possible. I have faith that it will. It is just a trial of my faith.
And of course, the big countdown is for the brand new baby. I can't believe I am in the home stretch. I'm already at 38 weeks. Time has just flown by. How am I spending my last few weeks pregnant? Running around like a mad woman trying to get everything done, that's how. Last night we painted the office. (My next door neighbor yelled at me a month ago for painting the flower boxes. She said it was bad for me. Um, maybe back when paint was lead based. I know it isn't the greatest thing in the world, but we ventilate and I watch how I feel.) I'm also giving myself lots of permission to relax. I feel unwell randomly. I'm sure it is just my body's way of getting ready. Last night was really bad. I was helping Alann get the office ready to paint and all of a sudden had a wave of contractions and nausea hit me. I sat down with Claire, watched some Curious George, and drank some water. The contractions stopped but the nausea didn't. That did finally go away when I ate dinner. I guess I was just hungry. It was not a fun few hours though. Especially since I was trying to make dinner and run interference with Claire so she wasn't too upset about Daddy being closed in a room without her. She was being so cute. She kept laying down outside the office door, and saying "dada!!" and putting her hand underneath the door. I should have taken a picture or video, but like I said, I wasn't feeling good. I really can't complain too much about this pregnancy. I've had even fewer problems than I did with Claire. The swelling that I had with Claire is mostly non-existent. I can still wear most of my shoes, unlike with Claire where I could wear one pair of size 11s that I bought specifically because my feet were so fat. I can tell the underlying swelling is there though. My foot goes numb when I drive, (luckily the clutch foot and not the brake foot), and my hands go numb if I do well, anything. But they aren't constantly numb and my feet aren't fat, so I'll take it. Alann says it looks like I carry Alex farther out than I did with Claire. I can agree with that. With Claire, I had a really hard time breathing and my ribcage expanded so much I couldn't wear any of my normal bras comfortably. My ribcage hasn't done that this time, and my breathing is better. I'm also not nearly so stuffy in the head. I'm not snoring either, which is great for me and Alann. I also feel like one of those really fat people that can't keep their shirts down. I didn't have as many problems covering my belly with Claire, so that alone tells me I stick out more. Luckily I am home most of the time, so I just let it hang out. Claire helps me out and pulls my shirt down for me sometimes.
Claire is doing really well. She is learning so much. She knows where her nose, mouth, eyes, teeth, and ears are. And if you ask her what the doggie says she says "oof oof" without opening her mouth, which is amusing. She has learned how to climb up on chairs and couches and the like. She is obsessed with shoes and always wants to wear them when she sees them. She still loves the dogs and cat. The cat is getting more annoyed with her. Tanner puts up with her better and Nicki is just an old grump and growls or barks at her. Nicki spends a lot of time in the kitchen by herself. Claire has been loving the springy weather lately. Not the rain and snow we have had this week, but the warm weather she really liked. We went to the park a few times and she just loves to be outside. She's just funny. I could write a book about her. But Alann says I need to take care of Claire so he can go to the bathroom or something. Sheesh.

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MommaKAS said...

Have faith for all aspects of your life. Things have a way of working out. Too bad you were feeling ill and couldn't photo/video Claire at the door when her daddy was on the other side. LOL!