Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hot and dirty

Claire is getting to be so big. She has recently grasped the concepts of "hot" and "dirty". Now she tells me that everything is hot. The car is hot, the food is hot, the oven is hot, the drinks are hot, mommy's hot. (JK, she still doesn't say Mom.) She still tries to eat hot food even when I tell her it is hot, and she help me blow on it. She just doesn't blow on it enough to cool it down enough. But she is certainly getting it.
The other thing she gets now is dirty. She gets stuff on her hands and tells me "dirt". Then she repeats it 5 times until I wipe it off. She helps clean up the "dirt" if she makes a mess. She is also telling me when her diaper is dirty! One step closer to potty training. Sometimes she still say no when I know she needs a clean diaper, but she does come to tell me more often that she needs a clean one. Usually it's only "Dirt" when it's poopy, but this morning it was "dirt" when it was just wet. So progress is progress.
She is picking up words left and right it seems. Alex is "ach". She says cat and dog pretty clearly. And now she is saying "Daddy" not just "da". She also says "hi" very clearly, and in the right context. She waves bye-bye but sometimes says bye.
Another recent development- she sits still for books. Sometimes. At least for half the book. This is definitely an improvement. She used to bring me a book and run away. Now she will cuddle and listen for a bit. She is just becoming more and more fun to play with, when she isn't being a stinker, like all 16 month olds are.

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