Thursday, December 2, 2010

Look what I did!

So, in the last few weeks, (okay really, just one week, maybe 10 days), I've been working on a surprise for the kids and Alann. I was thinking of different ways to help celebrate and decorate for the holidays. I was thinking of Shannon's book advent, which I think is a neat idea, and then some blog hopping led me to this sew-along. Let me just say, I was hooked. I knew my felt stash wasn't that large, but my fabric stash is definitely large. So I took this idea as a starting point and went my merry way. It really didn't take me all that long. And most everything was scrap. The only thing I bought was the buttons. I wanted all green ones, but they didn't have them at walmart, so I bought these thinking they might look like christmas lights. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Mostly. It hangs a little crooked. If I have time, I'll fix it. Otherwise, maybe next year. I'm still working on the ornaments, but I can definitely do one a day, maybe more if I have the time. And I'm just doing enough to hang them. I'll finish them for real later.

The whole thing. Isn't it fun? In real life, the tree is slightly quilted and layered.

Just the tree. I love the buttons. I loved the idea of permanent gifts at the bottom of the tree. .(That way I can make more ornaments!)

A permanent star as well. I love the way it turned out.
And the gifts are actually little pockets, so we can put a special little treat in there, and the tags have snaps on them, so everyone can pick which gift they want each year. And if we have more kids, we can just make more tags. (Those are all scrap fabrics I had too.)
So that's what I've been up to lately. And I do mean LATEly. Lots of late nights working on it, but if I want it to be a surprise, I kind of have to do it after everyone is in bed.


Shannon said...

That turned out SO cute!!! We had a similar tree advent growing up where we hung a different ornament on a felt tree like that each day. It was one of my favorites. I still kind of miss it. I bet Claire and Alex will love this tradition too. You've got a couple years still before the book advent will really be fun. Most of the good Christmas books I have are kind of long for a 2 year old. Davin doesn't usually sit for them.

DebSev said...


Steph said...

This is so cute Becca! I love it!