Friday, March 11, 2011

CA- some more

Saturday was pretty laid back. We hung out, played a lot, played outside, and just had a fun day. We also went shopping a bit. Debbie generously bought me some fun shirts and a cute new summer dress.
Sunday was a good day. We went to Stake Conference with Grandma and Grandpa. Elder Jeffrey R Holland of the 12 Apostles was speaking. It was a really really good conference. Elder Holland gave an excellent talk. I can't even express what I was feeling. Several times, I was just overwhelmed. My testimony was definitely strengthened. I am glad we were here for this. It was something that I needed. At the end of the conference, Elder Holland gave an apostolic blessing on those in attendance. It was definitely something I needed. There were definitely some minor miracles that happened- Alex was really tired. He started fussing a lot when Elder Holland started talking. But as he started giving the blessing, Alex finally fell asleep. I was able to concentrate on the blessing, which was great. He slept as we got in line to shake Elder Holland's hand, as we stood in the crowded hallway, as I passed him to Grandma to hold so I could deal with Claire, and as we walked up to him. I shook his hand, then Claire, and Grandma and Alex were behind us, then we started to pass by. As soon as Alex heard Elder Holland talk, he popped awake, and not just opened his eyes. He sat up and looked straight at him. Elder Holland shook his hand too. It was almost like Alex knew there was something special going on, and he didn't want to miss out. It certainly wasn't his voice, because there had been lots of talking. It was very interesting.
The rest of Sunday we just hung out. (Please forgive if there are random non-capitalizations. I'm pushing the shift key. It's just not always doing it. I'm trying to fix them all, but I may miss them.) We did get to chat with Sarah and Craig and Brooklyn for a while in the evening.
Monday was interesting. We went to Walmart to get supplies for Debbie to cater a funeral. The kids started falling asleep in the car, so we took them home and put them down while she finished her errands. I should have just left them in the car. I put them to bed and Claire got right back up. Then Debbie was gone most of the afternoon for the funeral. After kids went to bed, Debbie and I set up a sewing party. I put my bridesmaid dress in her very capable hands while I worked on a few other things. I took the easy parts. =) I am SO glad I didn't try to make it work myself. I would not be nearly as happy with it as I am. We ended up putting some straps on. I found some exact matching satin at Joann's. The straps aren't really to be seen or hold the dress up, they are covered by my jacket, but they make it a little more modest and are there more for "wardrobe malfunction" control than anything else. I'm just concerned that the kids will flap the jacket open or something. While Debbie was working hard on my bridesmaid dress, I lengthened a skirt and dress. One skirt, I added some lace to the bottom. It was long enough, but this made me more comfortable with it. The cute dress Debbie bought me on Saturday needed some help too. We got some cute pleated lace at Joann's. I took out the original hem (gained two inches) and then added the lace to the bottom. It looks great, I think. It's cute, light, and perfect for casual wear, or church. I love it. (This was another idea of Debbie's. I need to run all my alterations by her first.)
Tuesday was packing and cleaning up day. Weds we flew to AZ. It was a pretty good flight. It was short, which is good. The kids were well behaved. They napped in the car, which was unfortunate because they didn't nap after we got home. Oh well. Take what you can get I guess. We went grocery shopping, had dinner, then put the kids to bed.

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