Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy birthday Alex!

I just can't believe how time has just flown by with Alex. I feel like with Claire, I knew I was having another baby soon, so I was anxious for her to grow up a little bit. But with him, I want him to stay my baby. But at the same time, I am enjoying him growing up. He has such a little personality. I said when I was pregnant "I bet he is going to come out blond hair, blue eyed, and totally opposite Claire". And so far, he has lived up to that. He is similar, but definitely his own person. He is just the sweetest little boy I could ever hope for.
At the zoo, three days before birth.
8 lbs, 13 ozs, very upset

still not sure about life. It's bright.
Our new family
one month old. Man what chubby cheeks!
two months old, after our trip to the hospital for a high fever
three months old
four months
5 months- new home, visiting with great grandma, great grandpa, and great great grandma
6 months, sitting and playing now
7 months- starting to army crawl
8 months- torturing the cat
9 months- into EVERYTHING
10 months- at Aunt Teene's wedding
11 months- hated the haircut

12 months
In 12 short months, we went from a crying sad baby to this grown-up looking boy. He walks, talks a bit, signs a bit, loves to play with toys and sing and dance. He claps his hands and dances to any kind of music- real or imagined. He has 4 teeth (two top and two bottom) and has two more top teeth coming in. He army crawled for about 2 months, crawled for real for about a month, then started trying to walk. He tried to walk and would give up and crawl for about 2 months, than started walking full time around 11 months. He can already reach door knobs, though thankfully doesn't know what to do with them. He loves to climb up on things- furniture, the couch, Claire's little table, chairs, toys, people. He's a regular monkey. When Claire is sleeping or gone, he gets out the wheeled toys that she always takes away from him- the stroller, and the car. We got him a lawn mower that is just for him for his birthday, so he won't have to fight anymore. He loves balls and to be outside. Anytime we go outside, he goes straight off the end of the driveway and starts picking up rocks. He's not afraid of anything- except people screaming. That always makes him cry. He's held and tried to eat a worm. He still mouths a LOT of stuff, but thankfully has learned to spit it out when I say so. He has learned that if something is hot, you blow on it to cool it off. He blew out the candle on his birthday cake on the first try. (Everyone thought I blew it out for him, but I didn't.) He loves remotes, especially Wii remotes. He is starting to figure out coloring. He loves to play "beans" with Claire (we have a tub full of dried beans that the kids can sort and move from one place to another). He LOVES his sister and sometimes just laughs at her face. They love to play together and often crawl around laughing at each other under the dining table. He has recently learned compassion- when Grant cries, he tries to give him his binkie or bottle. He isn't very good at getting either into Grant's mouth, but he does try. He gives kisses- open mouth, sloppy, and often with tongue out. He waves and sometimes blows kisses. He LOVES to eat. He eats more than Claire and sometimes more than me. He's a sweet boy and so funny and chubby and just a joy to have.
I know that the Lord gives us challenges. I know that one of my challenges are my children- Claire's high energy, the close spacing. But I also know that He will not give us challenges that we cannot overcome, and I know He blesses us and helps us to overcome those challenges. One of my blessings for overcoming the close children and high energy is Alex. His personality and demeanor. He is my reward for Claire. He balances her out. (Not saying I don't love Claire, because I do. And I'm not saying Alex is my favorite. Because he isn't. He is currently my favorite son, and Claire is my favorite daughter.) I can't imagine life without either of my children. The yin is not the same without the yang. The sweet doesn't taste as good without the bitter.
So happy birthday my boy! Here's to the first of many. I love you.

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