Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Claire potty training!

In Claire news, she is potty training. Yay! Wednesday night, she peed in the bathtub. You could see that her little wheels were turning. She was realizing what was happening. We explained that we pee in the potty and we had to empty out the bath and start over. Then Thursday, after her nap, she refused to put on a new diaper. I asked if she wanted to wear panties and she said yes. I had planned on trying to potty train again starting Monday, because Thursday was my last day with Grant and I figured the weekend would be crazy. But since she asked, that's what we did. She was very good all afternoon. She peed every half hour or so. While in the bath that night (a necessity due to the sandbox at playdate that morning), she asked to get out. She got out, went over and peed in the potty. Then she got back in the bath. Then she said she had to pee more. So I let her get back out, she went and sat on the toilet, closed the door, and when she came back out, was very proud of herself. She had pooped in the potty all by herself. So we wiped and got back in the bath.
Friday, we went out for lunch and ran some errands. We put her in a diaper, but stopped in several different bathrooms. She did well. Saturday, we had two accidents. They were pretty much my faults- not watching the time close enough. But we went out again and she kept her diaper dry the whole time. Sunday, she did well at church. She was in a diaper again but it stayed dry the whole time. Then, Sunday afternoon she had two more accidents and decided to wear a diaper. She still was peeing in the potty, but I guess the diaper made her feel better. It stayed dry. (Side note- why does it seem like so much more pee on the floor than in the potty?)
But tomorrow is a new day and we will do panties and I reset my watch to 45 minute intervals. I guess an hour intervals was too much for her. She pretty much pees every time we go in there. I don't know if she really has to go or is just making herself go. Either way, I figure it is strengthening the muscles and isn't hurting anything. She is very business oriented- she goes in, goes, and is ready to leave. The only time she dawdles is when she has to poo. Then she plays around, gets up, sits down, gets up, sits down. She thinks she has to strip naked to pee. And sometimes she tries to climb in the shower. But mostly, it is matter of fact- so matter of fact that she doesn't even wipe before she comes running to tell me what she did (assuming I'm not right there, which sometimes I'm not. She likes her privacy.) We are working on wiping before getting off the potty. I am loving no diapers on her. Definitely faster and less of a struggle than diapers. (And Alex is starting to get interested too....)

She also seems to be trying to give up her nap. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have all be nap fails. Friday, her excuse was she had to potty. Saturday- she had to poop. Sunday- she threw up. Not really sure what that was about. She was coughing when we took her up there. And she's had the hiccups a lot the last few days. That always happens when she is growing. So it must have just been that. I also was cutting soap right before her nap and she was sitting at the table "helping" and eating her sucker for pooping in the toilet. I asked if she had touched it and licked it off and she said yes. I don't know if that happened (didn't see it) or if it would make her sick like that. The lye is supposedly out of the soap and it's safe to touch. So we cleaned her up and that was the end of naptime for her. She did get to take a shower though, which she enjoyed.

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Debbie said...

Yay for potty training! And it didn't even take as long as we were afraid it would take!