Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Me: Today we need to go to the grocery store. We need to buy milk.
Claire: No buy milk. Buy cow!
Me: Buy cow?
Claire: Yes, buy cow, no buy milk.

Um, ok. Not really sure where she picked that up.

At bedtime.
Me: I love you. What do you say?
Claire: Thank you.

Sunday she insisted on wearing 14 bows in her hair to church. Yes, 14. It was ridiculous. But you can't argue with two-year old logic.

One of her favorite shows is Word World. There is a pig who always eats everything he cooks. One episode he says he will bake a pie for everyone in word world. Then he proceeds to eat the pies. Ant (his friend) tells him "Don't eat the pie Pig, share the pie!" For Father's Day, I made a pie. I asked Claire if she wanted to eat it. She said to me "no eat pie. Share pie!"

Me, holding up a box of brownies: Claire, I'm going to make this. What is it?
Claire: Confused look.
Me: What does it look like?
Claire: cake?!
Me: No, it's brownies. It's like cake.
Claire: Brown cake!!

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MommaKAS said...

Absolutely love it!!! Especially the bedtime exchange.