Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"I'm so happy!"

On the way to the sitter's today, Claire saw that I had brought her blanket. She said "Mom, my blanket!" I said "Yes Claire, I thought you might want it, so I grabbed it for you." She said "Thank you Mom! I'm so happy you got my blanket!" I had to laugh. She has never used the phrase "I'm so happy" before.

Alex on the other hand was not thrilled about my leaving him at the sitter's. I thought he would be over this by now. That he would realize that I am coming back for him. But every time I leave him somewhere, he starts crying. Today, it was as soon as we walked into their house. This morning at Bible Study, he started crying as soon as we walked into the building. At nursery on Sunday, he sat on my lap and moaned for about 5 minutes, then I handed him off and left and he cried for I kid you not 5 seconds. I know he will calm down pretty quickly. I usually just treat it like a band-aid: rip him off and leave quickly. But it's making me a little anxious. I worry that people will think I'm a bad mom for leaving a crying one year old.


Shannon said...

If they think you're a bad mom for leaving a crying kid then they obviously never had a one year old before. All one year olds (ok most) cry when you leave them. Talia is starting into the clingy phase. She is generally fine when she can't see me though. Hope Alex grows out of it quickly. :)

MommaKAS said...

Only someone who was never a mom or anywhere close to kids would think you are a bad mom. Kids cry. That's their most manipulative power at that age. They know it generates some degree of guilt and sometimes causes the adults in their lives to do exactly what they want them to do.