Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I'm having a rather frustrating and depressing day. It started with a yucky night's sleep on the rock that is my bed. Every time I'm pregnant, my bed suddenly becomes much firmer. I'm not sure how that happens. It goes away when the baby is born though. (I never expected "the bed gets hard" to be a pregnancy symptom.) Then I had a really sad dream about Alann deciding to marry someone else but he offered to stay married to me for a while too. I ended up going and getting a divorce paper (which was unrealistically one page that you filed at the local office like a driver's license). And it just made me really sad when I woke up. Then it was rainy and cold and dark for the second day in a row. And I had to take Amy to the airport so she could go home. Though Claire assures me we will go back to the airport tomorrow to pick her up again. Then since it was nasty out, we stopped at the mall on our way home. They have an indoor play area that the kids like. First we had to go potty, then we saw Santa (didn't pose for pictures, Claire just wanted to see what was in the "house"). Claire waved shyly and Alex didn't even look at him. Then we went to play and after just a few minutes, they decided they were done. So we went to get lunch and Claire couldn't decide what she wanted. We ended up getting some hotdogs and Alex kept getting up and running away from the table. We went and saw Santa again and then rode the escalators. Then I made the bad choice of taking them in the candy store. They were grabbing everything of course. I don't know what I was thinking. But I really wanted gummy bears. I was exhausted driving home and Claire was arguing about Alex having the dinosaur and how it was her dinosaur and she put it in the car and she needed it, then she started grabbing his blanket which really upset him. Finally I just turned on the music and tried to drown them out. They took naps and I tried to get some sewing done for Alex's car mat and BOTH of my machines are acting up. i just wanted to sew on a binding to keep the edges neat. But apparently the machines don't like it. So I have to either try to deal with it or figure out something else. Maybe I can glue the binding on? But I have given up. I don't have high hopes for the rest of the day. So that's my rant for the day. Alex is up so I should go get him out of his room.

Update- the day continued to go according to the precedent set by the morning. The kids FINALLY went to sleep after 9pm, which is late for them. They were ridiculously wound up for some reason. But there was a good point that made the day. Southwest was having a one-day 50% off sale! They had a similar sale last week and I said no, I shouldn't. But after talking to Alann, we decided that it was okay. Fares were only $68 one way each person. If I had booked the same flights back when my credit card wouldn't go through, it would have cost me almost $700. This cost me only $300. I'm excited. We get to go see our AZ family for the first time in almost a year. Yay!

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