Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Phoenix Vacation pt 1

I haven't posted my goals for this year yet, but I wanted to blog about my vacation a bit first. I have them written, just not posted.
Anyway, last Wednesday the 11th we flew out of St. Louis to Phoenix. Probably the best part of my day was driving to the airport. Claire was being a chatter-box as usual, just talking about everything and anything. She was obviously seriously excited. At one point Alann said to her "Claire, can you just be quiet for two minutes? Just stop talking for two minutes?" (Trust me, I have this thought and have asked the same question often.) She got quiet for about 2 seconds and then said in a really quiet voice "But I need to talk." We bought started laughing. Yes my dear, you do seem to need to talk. That's okay, we love you anyway. Alann was kind enough to devote part of his day to sitting in the airport with us while we waited for our flight. It makes it easier when he can do that. I can go to the bathroom or take the kids to the bathroom or to get drinks without lugging all the extra stuff with me. Our flight was rather uneventful. The kids were pretty well behaved. The stewardess even let it slide that they were seated next to each other and sharing a seat belt for take off. Technically, Alex was supposed to be in my lap. I've had other people yell at me before if one of them isn't cooperating. We got in pretty late and just worked on getting dinner and getting the kids settled in.
Thursday I got up and ran! yay me! I was feeling pretty awesome. Aunt Amy was home with us for part of the day. We did some grocery shopping and got lunch together. Aunt Teene came over and hung out with us for part of the day and we had a good time. Naps were ridiculous. Claire was the amazing rubber band kid. I swear she peed like 5 times in an hour long period.
Friday was a laid-back day. We visited with Nana and tried valiantly to get schedules back on track. The kids have been a little crazy because we either haven't been home or people have been here during bedtime and so they won't go to bed on time. Plus it's a different bed and they are sharing a room. They seem to have gotten it together though. Naps are still difficult but they are going to bed at the same time pretty easily. Claire actually took a nap on Friday, she was so exhausted from everything. But other times they just talk to each other despite Alex's obvious need for sleep. So she usually gets removed so he can go to sleep. I don't mind them talking to each other and comforting each other, but they need to be sleeping! The first night Claire did have issues with Alex waking up. She came stumbling out of her room crying when he woke up crying. It was pretty sad. And she didn't really understand where I was in relation to her so she didn't know where to go. But we got it under control and they are sleeping through each other's noises now. I suppose it's just like when you get married. It takes a while to adjust to having someone else making noise and moving around while you are sleeping, but you get used to it. Speaking of sleep, I have not been sleeping well at all. I need to go to bed now so I can maybe get some sleep tonight. I hope. I want to run tomorrow, but in true pregnant while visiting fashion, my ankles are swollen and sore, so that's probably not a good idea.

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MommaKAS said...

Hopefully, now that you've figured out which side of the sleep number bed to adjust, you will sleep better. Maybe I should bring you some sleepytime tea.