Saturday, March 10, 2012


Last week, Claire had her three year old check-up. A little late, but it snowed the day we were supposed to go. The ONLY day it snowed. Anyway, it was a really good doctor's visit. The doctor said she was really healthy. She talked to her a lot about different things and really evaluated her. Her weight is 34 pounds (75%) and her height is 38 3/4" (80%). So I guess she eats enough, even though it seems like she doesn't eat anything most days. She knows her shapes really well but doesn't recognize letters yet. She also got three shots. Poor kid. They really hurt her legs. She limped for the next few days. We've got her signed up for tee-ball this spring. It's only 6 weeks with one or two games depending on weather. But I think she is excited for it. Definitely signing her up for soccer in the fall. Also this week, she has discovered music. It started with her humming a tune- repeatedly, for about an hour. It was the theme song to one of her shows. Then later she started singing a song but changed the words. I was so proud. It had the right tune, but different words. I wish I remembered what it was she was singing about. Since then, she's been singing and humming and writing little ditties quite a bit. It's been a musical few days.

Alex this week has learned how to say "no". He's been able to indicate no for a long time. Usually it's a nnnnn sound and sometimes he shakes his head. But he has just learned how to say the actual word. Unfortunately, it's really hard to take him seriously because he says it in such a cute way. He has a little lilt to it and usually sounds like he is teasing more than he means actual no. It's a momentous day, since no was Claire's first word, it was really strange for me to go so long without hearing it from him. This morning he also lined up all of his cars and then told me what sound each one made. Usually it was a fire truck sound. He does a really good fire truck sound.

As for me, I've finally felt well enough to get back to running/walking. I can only run for about 2 minutes before I'm way out of breath, but that's ok. I know I will get better again once the baby is born. I've started taking Tanner with me because Alann commented that he is REALLY fat. He is so out of shape that the first day I took him, he couldn't keep up with me. I thought he was going to just lay down and wait for me at one point. But he's been a trooper and has gotten better about it in the few days I've taken him out. He's really excited when we first go out and then slows down as we go. We did almost two miles this morning. We walked a lot though. I was hurting from gardening yesterday so it wasn't one of my better runs. Now I'm wondering if I should alternate taking Nicki. Tanner is nice because I can let him off leash and I don't have to worry about it. Nicki isn't so well behaved. Plus she has an annoying tendency to go the wrong way around poles and trees, which there are a lot of on the way. So I don't know. Maybe I will walk one day and run the next. We'll see.

I had another doctor's appointment this week. The doctor commented that I gained a lot of weight this last month. I'm not too worried though. I've hit 200 with both the kids, so I figure that's my number. (I'm not there yet.) Otherwise, she measured my uterus at 27, and I'm only at 25 weeks, but she didn't really mention it. I just noticed the discrepancy. (Usually the measurement equals the week number.)  I have another ultrasound scheduled for next month and the glucose test. The doctor wanted more heart pictures, so that's why we are doing another ultrasound. And even though I did the glucose test early on for symptoms, I get to do it again just in case.
I had a really good day earlier this week. I got a lot of projects done, a lot of work done. I made my own tinted moisturizer which I am really liking and was a lot less expensive than buying tinted moisturizer. It's really easy. You basically mix equal parts foundation and moisturizer. Or less foundation. I think mine is closer to a 60-40 mix. I had a little jar left from a face lotion so I just mixed it in there. I love that I can look put together without trying hard, and it lasts all day. I wish I could remember what else I did that day, but I just ended up feeling like a genius when I went to bed. I haven't had a good day like that in a long time.

I've gotten my office cleaned up pretty well. It's nowhere near done, but it's done enough to be encouraging. I've also started working on my garden. I planted some starts for tomatoes and peppers last week. Friday, I hand-dug my tiny garden plot from last fall and planted some kale, radishes, green onions and peas. And strawberry plants. After my failed attempt at strawberry plants (where there were no plants in the package), I was at a better walmart and they had actual plants in a pot with green leaves. So I bought 6 pots. After we planted them, it ended up being 9 plants. Some had two in them. Okay, I specifically looked for the pots with two. I'm a savvy shopper, what can I say? I am way excited and hope they actually grow and produce. The label said they should produce 60 days after transplant. And today (Saturday), Alann decided to till my 'garden for me. We enlarged it quite a bit. I've got 2 more 3'x4' and 2 3'x6' plots now. I'm way excited. I always thought that gardening, like puppies and kitties, was just a way to put off the desire to have kids. But now I know that I really just enjoy it. Come spring, I just get antsy to get something green going. I love to look through and pick new things to try to grow. This year I am trying leeks. It was a lot of hard work, mostly on Alann's part, but it looks good. I'm so proud. I can't wait until Monday until I can plant some cool-weather things. Maybe some lettuce, definitely need to get beets and turnips and carrots going. And I won't have any trouble keeping it watered, as long as I remember to let the kids do it. They LOVE to water. I'm surprised they didn't drown our poor strawberry plants.

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