Friday, February 15, 2013

Elizabeth is 6 months old

Time sure has flown by. Our baby girl is getting so big. She turned 6 months told on Dec 23. In the last week or so, she has exploded in things she wants to do. She has started eating food. She won't eat baby food. She prefers chunks please. So that's been interesting. I have had to relearn how to prepare food with a baby in mind. She also has decided that a sippy cup is cool. I think we have overcome the "won't take a bottle" problem.
She has started rolling from her stomach to her back. She's been going back to tummy for a long time, but just barely figured out the other way. On Thursday, we were at the church and I looked over at her and she was sitting. And I had definitely seen her on her tummy just moments before. Yep, she can sit herself up now. And she is working on pulling up. As soon as she figured out the sit and the new roll, it was crawling time. She is still pretty slow, but if she is motivated enough, away she goes.
At her checkup, she weighed 18 pounds and was 27" long. That's the 90% for both. Doctor told me again that she will likely be taller than me. That's OK. Marrying a guy almost a foot taller than myself, I kind of expect to be the shorty.
We have also noticed lately that her hair and eyes are changing. When she was born, she had Claire's hair and Alex's eyes. Well her eyes are definitely brown now. And her hair gets lighter and lighter every day. She may end up blonde and brown eyed.
Overall, she is a very happy baby and we sure love her. She loves her siblings and is very curious and interested in life.
6 months
"I love some mashed potatoes!"

"Do I have something on my face? Why is it so hard to breathe?"

I just love this picture of her photobombing her sister.
And now she is 8 months old! (I ran into a snag with my sentence a day idea. I was using my tablet to write my posts, but instead of publishing them, it eats them. I can write and save in that format, but I need to use the computer to post. So this one got pushed aside.)She is finally crawling like a little monster. She zooms anywhere. And she is standing very well. She is taking some tentative steps, but mostly brother or sister push  her down. She loves to play chase. She crawls a few paces, turns and looks at you, then crawls again, laughing all the way. She thinks it is hilarious. She has started babbling some, with some mamas and dadas and nanas in there. I think she is starting to figure out mama and dada. She definitely loves her dada. She looks around for him whenever I get her up for a nap or if we go somewhere new in the house.  She is always on the look out for him. When she wants something at meal time, she looks straight at him and says "ah". Sometimes she looks at him, says "ah" to get his attention, and then "hides" from him. I love it.

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