Friday, January 25, 2008

If I didn’t need to work, what would I do?

I would stay home, be “barefoot and pregnant” (as controversial as that is). I would raise my babies, have a clean house (unlike now), garden (a whole lot!), sew, read good books, and probably waste way too much time online (assuming we had internet.) I would love to have a “farmette” and raise a big garden and have an orchard and chickens and maybe ducks and maybe a cow and some dogs. I would love to be able to can my excess fruits and veggies, provide for those who are in need.
What would I sew?
Tablecloths!! I could see myself with 365 tablecloths, one for every day of the year. Well, I would need 366. The one for leap year would be extra special. Why do I love tablecloths? I just don’t know. It all started Thanksgiving of 2006. My mom and sisters were coming to visit our new house, and I couldn’t afford a set of tablecloths, and I didn’t want a bare table. I wanted something special. So I decided I could make one. I found some directions, and it seemed straightforward enough. I bought the fabric, made the tablecloth, the runner, the placemats, and even a centerpiece. I put it on and something just changed for me. I just couldn’t stand a bare table anymore. It is so cold, so harsh looking. And tablecloths are SO easy, especially with my rectangular table. It takes me maybe 3 hours to make one, including iron-time. I currently have 4 (I think.) The red thanksgiving one, a gold “harvest” one, a green flowery springtime, and a blue flowery springtime. Yeah, 4. I am working on a blue winter snowflake one. I am excited about it. I can’t wait until it is done. The red one has been on the table for a few months now. It is just so easy and so much fun to see the way that a different tablecloth changes my whole house. Plus, if the tablecloth gets really dirty, just throw it in the wash. No more scrubbing the table till my arm falls off. (because somehow it is always the really crusty hard to remove stuff that gets on it.)

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