Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh happy day!

Congratulations to me! I just paid off my Capital One card. Honestly, I wasn’t going to. Most everything that is on my capital one currently is medical expenses that I am waiting for reimbursement. But, since I had the money from ING in my account anyway, I just decided to pay it off altogether (and hopefully avoid interest!) and put the reimbursement check towards my other CC when I get it.
I am rather irritated with the reimbursement people. It is for my FSA, which I love that we have, however, it is so difficult to get reimbursed. They say it will only be 24 hours from when you fax it in until it shows on the website. I faxed something on Jan 30th, faxed it and a new claim on Feb 4th, neither are showing on my account. I finally got someone on the phone, and she tells me the website has been undergoing some upgrades. Okay, great. Can’t you post that on the website? Or make it so that it says “I’m sorry, you can’t log in, we are upgrading”? Or something! How many calls have they gotten about this? I think it would just be easier to put it on the website then deal with irate people. I really wish I had a CC for it like at my other job. That was sweet. No receipts to submit, no claims to fill out, just swipe the card. I kept all the receipts in case I was audited, but I never was. It was awesome.
So anyway, Capital One is clear!

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